Oh Vargas, You Came & You Gave Without Taking!

16 consecutive innings pitched without a run given up.  How ABOUT that Jason Vargas!

He’s been on some kind of tear the last two games.  9 innings of no-decision shut out baseball back in Baltimore, then another 7 innings of mastery last night.  Nine strikeouts.  NINE!  In one game!  And it’s not all just soft stuff people are chasing in the dirt; he’s got guys whiffing right through his 88 mph fastball! 

I tell you, most of the time I’m pretty indifferent to Jason Vargas.  He always seems like a nice #4 starter and not much more.  However, every once in a while, the guy impresses the shit out of me.

In other news, Jack Cust is literally on fire!  Literally!  OK, so I don’t know what “literally” means, but I do know this much:  he has a .225 batting average.  Considering he’s spent most of the year in the .170’s, this is a good sign.  He’s got 13 hits so far in May.  13 hits in 13 games.  6 of those hits – nearly half! – are doubles.  0 of those hits are home runs, but that’s neither here nor there.  I may not have to take Jack Cust behind the barn and shoot him with my shotgun after all.

In Heart Attack Bullpen News:  Jamey Wright was so NOT on last night, I about died.  Can I just say something?  If you’re having trouble locating your pitches, if you walk 2 guys on your way to a 30-pitch inning, and you get a batter on a 2-2 count … STOP THROWING CURVE BALLS!  He did it twice in a row, both missed horribly, and I was about this close to getting a lynch mob’s blood all angered up!  Luckily for him, he managed to catch some moron looking on an inside strike three to end the inning with the bases juiced.

And, don’t look now, but we have our closer back!  I’m not going to sing the guy’s praises too much because, seriously, I don’t want to have another Last Week ever again.  Still, he came in two nights ago, got the job done in a non-save situation.  Then, last night, Brandon League saw the minimum through his lone inning of work, ending it on a double play.  THAT’S the Brandon League we like.

Now, if you could just work in something on that first pitch to every batter BESIDES a fastball, I think we’d be all set.

Helluva way to run a railroad.  Don’t look now, but the Mariners are officially 29th out of 30th in runs scored.  How they’re only 6 games from .500 this late in the season is pretty outstanding.

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