The Sun Giveth, The Sun Taketh Away

Like most adults, I was at work at 12:40pm yesterday when the game started.  Like most adults, I wished I was anywhere BUT work.  I guess technically, the Mariners were at work too, but their job is a helluva lot more fun.

Especially with games like yesterday.  How about THAT!  Mr. Sun gave us one back!  And you could argue this one was more important than the Boston one, because had Ichiro caught that ball we still only would’ve been tied in the game.  But seriously, this has to be a record year for sun balls.  Or maybe it’s an average year, but instead of being spread out to the other 29 MLB teams, all sun balls are being concentrated on Mariners games.  While I still contend that those balls MUST be caught at all costs, I’m glad to know Ichiro isn’t the only gold glover to succumb; thank you Torii Hunter.

Of course, where would we have been without Doug Fister matching Dan Haren pitch for pitch through 8 innings of 1-run ball?  I’m glad to see last year’s first half wasn’t a fluke for Mr. Fister; he’s currently sitting at a sub-3 ERA in the early going this season.

It’s odd with this team.  The offense is just as bad, if not worse in certain areas, than last year’s offense.  And yet, I have loads more confidence in the 2011 Mariners to get the job done.  Maybe because by this time last year we were in the middle of a teamwide collapse, but also … I dunno.  There’s a quality about this team.  Is it Eric Wedge?  Is it the infusion of new young farm talent with the threat of more on the way in this Rebuilding Year?

All I know is we’re getting it done.  That, my friends, was a 2-game sweep of the Angels.  That was winning 3 of 4 in this mid-week mini-homestand.  And this is the Mariners going to San Diego for the weekend.  WE OWN YOU, PADRES!  WE OWN YOU!

Somebody’s got to kick this “rivalry” into gear.

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