The Other 5-1 Road Trip

This is getting to be a trend!  A beautiful, sexy, chocolate-syrup-dribbling-down-a-naked-set-of-hooters trend!

Well, kinda.  It’s happened twice anyway.

There are really just two types of 5-1 road trips:  those where you win the final game and those where you lose the final game.  Psychologically, they’re night and day.  When you lose Game 6 (as the Mariners did in that Detroit/Boston road trip), it’s kind of a failure.  Yeah, you went 5-1, but you COULD’VE went 6-0!  You blew it!  You lost to an inferior team (obviously inferior, because you won the first two games, duh!), and now you’ve got a long flight back home to think about what you’ve done.

On the other hand, when you’re 4-1 going into that Game 6, there seems to be more at stake.  Do you want to have a GREAT road trip at 5-1?  Or just kind of a good road trip at 4-2?  And in this case, had we lost this afternoon, we would’ve been 4-2 because we lost our last 2.  To Minnesota.  The worst team in all of baseball.

I don’t care how many times I say it or write it, I LOVE that “the worst team in all of baseball” could not be used to describe the Mariners.  NOT ANYMORE!

Today’s game looked like a fun one; too bad I was stuck in stupid work.  Anyway, Bedard tossed 6 scoreless, Pauley tossed another 2 more, and League locked down the save (and the shutout) with 0 hits and a strikeout in the 9th.  Gotta love games that are over in two and a half hours!

As for the offense, this was literally a 3-man attack.  Three guys had all 5 of our hits, all 3 of our runs and all 3 of our RBI.  Guti’s looking like his old world-beater self with 2 hits (including his first homer) and 2 runs scored.  Adam Kennedy continues to make a case for “Why Doesn’t He Know How To Play Third Base So We Could Bench Figgins?” with his double, run and RBI.  And, rounding it out, we have Brendan Ryan – who is positively SCORCHING – with two more hits (including a triple).

Remember earlier today when I said Brendan Ryan has raised his average 50 points in 5 games?  Well, he’s currently at .260 (that would be 60 points in 6 games)!  If I could just have him somewhere in the realm of .260 (or, even better, .270 or .280), spread out over the entire season, I could not be more pleased.  For a guy to leap that far ahead in my book in less than a week … that’s damned impressive.

I don’t want to alarm anyone, but the Mariners are yet again 1 game under .500.  The Mariners are also locked into 3rd place in the AL West, a scant 1.5 games behind the 1st place Rangers.  We now come home where on Friday we’ll start a 10-game homestand (that just so happens to be part of a 20-games-in-a-row cluster; before we have 2 days off bookending a 3-game series).

Things start to get interesting.  We see the Yankees for the first time, we have our rematch against Baltimore (who swept us in 3 games last road trip), and we have a 4-game set against Tampa (who is considerably better than they were at the beginning of the season).

Oh, and don’t forget!  Pineda on Friday, Felix on Saturday.  If Pineda is anything at all like Felix, than this game against the Yankees will look more like a nailed job interview than a bitter rival shutting down a hated foe.  (stop it!  it’s too early to talk about shit like that!)

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