The Mariners Played Two Games I Didn’t Get To See

If that title doesn’t scream out, “Hard-hitting, intelligent baseball commentary,” I don’t know what does.

Actually, kind of a lot happened these past two days.  Chone Figgins has officially been temporarily benched.  Can’t say that’s the most chocking shocking thing in the world, after all, if a guy is struggling that much, chouldn’t shouldn’t he be given some time to breathe?  Likewise, it chows shows Mariners fans out there that we’re not necessarily held hostage by our worst contracts.  At least, for a few games.

Besides, that game on Monday was pretty brutal for Chone.  Every little thing he did elicited a chorus of boos like he was a best man telling inappropriate jokes during his wedding speech.

In the meantime, Luis Rodriguez has gone 0 for 5 in his place.  That’s quite the black hole we’ve got there at third base.

Also, HERE HE COMES TO SAVE THE DAY!  Justin Smoak jacked a 3-run bomb I didn’t get to see because I was too busy sleeping in my bed!  That gave us the 8th inning lead, 3-2, and ultimately the win, 3-2.  That was Tuesday; at the time Brandon League had 2 saves in 2 opportunities.  He slayed (slew?) his demons from earlier in the month against Baltimore; the only cherry on top would be a 3 for 3 series in today’s afternoon contest.

Only, it wasn’t to be.  Because Adam Jones went 3 for 4 with the go-ahead home run.  I’m starting to REALLY hate that guy.

Tomorrow we have our first look at Tampa.  And saints be praised, I’ll finally get to watch a game!

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