Carlos Peguero Fights For His Life

The Mariners were GOING to make a move.  Left Field has been a black hole for FAR too long this season.  Michael Saunders has been given EVERY opportunity to show he belongs on a Major League roster and all he’s proven is that he’s a quality late-inning replacement defender.  With the bat?  He’s as useless as an asshole on an elbow.

But, who was any better?  Peguero and Mike Wilson are both hitting under .200.  It’s laughable to think Jack Cust could still play left field.  Adam Kennedy is an emergency outfielder at BEST.  All of these guys, if made to play left field on an everyday basis, would make us long for Milton Bradley so fast it would make our heads spin.

Of course, there’s Mike Carp down in Tacoma.  He’s blistering the everloving SHIT out of the baseball this season.  And not just for the last couple weeks, or for the month of May.  He’s been doing it pretty much all season!  And he’s not letting up.  He’s all anyone who’s covering the team can talk about, especially with the elephants in the room being our current crop of Major League left fielders being the suck-asses that they are.

That brings us to last night.  A right-hander on the mound for Tampa, so Peguero gets the start in left.  Kinda surprised that Saunders didn’t get the start – what with this being Felix Day and wanting the best defense on the field behind him – but upon new shit being brought to light, I guess I’m not all that surprised after all.  Anyway, Peguero starts, and LO and BE-FUCKING-HOLD!

Two home runs.

The first a 3-run blast to right field to make it a 5-0 game in the 2nd inning; the second a solo shot to left – absolutely crushed to the opposite field – in the 4th inning to make it 7-0.  Yes, Jack Cust had his first Safeco Field home run as a Mariner, and yes Justin Smoak dropped a bomb to raise his slugging percentage; but I’m here to talk about Peguero, and how he just saved his fucking job!

When I look at a new player – be it rookie, or free agent signee – I like to look for signs.  I’m not necessarily looking for them to be MVPs right out of the box, but I like to know two things:  what I can reasonably expect to be an average game for them, and what’s possible in their BEST game.

When I look at Peguero, I know I can reasonably expect a low batting average, a lot of strikeouts, and a home run here and there when he makes decent-to-good contact.  However, NOW, when I look at Peguero, I also know in the back of my mind that he has a 2-homer game in him.  I can’t say that about most of the rookies who’ve graced the Mariners uniform the last few years; but I can say it about Peguero.

Indeed, it was announced yesterday that one of our left fielders was going back to Tacoma.  From what I understand, this happened after the game, and it was indeed Michael Saunders who got the knife.  Maybe this was Wedge’s thinking going into yesterday’s game.  Maybe he’s known for a while now that Saunders – and not Peguero – would be the one who needed to be sent down to work on his swing and his confidence.  Maybe.  All I know is, if there was ever an ounce of doubt that he was making the right call, yesterday’s 2-homer performance from Peguero surely silenced that little inner critic.  At least, for the time being.

In return for Saunders, we have NOT Mike Carp, but instead Greg Halman.  Greg Halman, from what I remember, is the exact same hitter as Peguero and Mike Wilson.  They all take big swings, they all make big misses, and occasionally they hit the ball far.  Halman, unlike the other two (and unlike Mr. Carp), is fast and rangy and can play center field in case Guti needs a day off.

It would appear, if Mike Carp is EVER going to get a chance to play for the Mariners this year, he’s going to need Peguero to stop having 2-homer games.  Or he’ll need an injury out of Cust or Smoak.  Perish that last thought!  Why can’t you be a third baseman Mike Carp?  Then I could love you long time!

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