Terrelle Pryor Is An Idiot

Plain and simple:  college athletes do not deserve to be paid.  Go read this article; it says pretty much all that needs to be said.

You know what fails to get mentioned in every college football or college basketball scandal?  Every single time you hear about some college athlete getting money on the side – from boosters, from agents, from merchandise buyers – the athlete is ALWAYS someone who would’ve made millions of dollars at the next level anyway.  ALWAYS.

Can’t you wait a year or two?  In basketball, you have to wait a year.  You can’t wait a year?  I guarantee you these kids – if they play for a power school – get free meals, free drinks, free whatever wherever they go.  Can’t that just be good enough?  You have to go out and sell your autograph like you’re a washed-up Pete Rose?

I don’t get it.  Yeah, it sucks to be a college student and be poor.  Guess what, 95% of college students ARE poor.  Maybe they have their ride paid for, but they themselves aren’t necessarily rolling in dough.  That’s all part of the college experience.

It’s ridiculous that the only people who complain about being exploited by the NCAA for all the billions it makes off of student athletes are those athletes who are destined to be making the most money when they turn Pro.  You are GOING to be a millionaire!  Just put in your time and don’t fuck it up for the fans!

Of course, they shouldn’t see it as “putting in time”, but they do.  College is just a means to an end.  The NFL and the NBA both have constraints where guys HAVE to be a specific number of years out of high school before they can enter a draft.  You’d think – especially if you’re a world-class athlete – that you’d want to make the best of a bad situation.

College is the last time you will ever have to be poor in your life.  I’m not saying that it’s the last time you WILL be poor – if you fuck up your finances, that’s your problem.  You should cherish that time.  Use that time as a learning opportunity.  Not just academically, but as a way to gain wisdom.

There’s nothing I hate more than a future-millionaire who breaks a bunch of rules and fucks it up for his school.  Not only did he get a free ride, not only was he a star on an elite college team, not only did he get drafted high in the Pros and make millions of dollars instantly, but then he gets to turn his back and blame the system.  While his school – who gave him all the exposure, gave him all the training to succeed at the next level – gets years of sanctions and gets their titles stripped.

Is it even possible to win a title anymore without cheating?  I’m beginning to have my doubts.

Terrelle Pryor is an idiot, but he’s just one in a long line of idiots.  Fucking it up for everyone else, then skating away free and easy while college athletics takes all the shit.

Maybe, instead of looking to pay these assholes at the college level, we should start looking again at these restrictions on how many years out of high school you have to be to enter the NFL or NBA.  It’s OBVIOUS these guys don’t want to be in college.  So, give them what they want and stop taking our schools hostage!

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