Seattle Needs Pro Hockey

As we approach Game 7 tonight in Vancouver, my interest in the sport of hockey is at its highest point.

That’s probably a good thing, because hey, since I don’t watch the NBA anymore, it’d be nice to fill my winter months with something besides a few football games and a bunch of bad baseball.  But, just because my level of interest is at its highest doesn’t necessarily mean my level of interest is all that HIGH.

In the past, I’ve always been a less-than-casual observer of hockey.  I would only watch during the playoffs, with the vast majority being the Stanley Cup Finals, and even then it was usually just the end of the 3rd period and however many overtimes the two teams decided to tack on.

It’s true, in sports there isn’t anything more exciting than overtime Stanley Cup Finals hockey.

As it stands now, I’m still strictly a Playoff Hockey Guy … but I’m willing to expand.

These playoffs have been outstanding.  Specifically, these playoffs with Vancouver kicking ass and taking names have been truly remarkable.  And it makes me wonder:  what would this kind of playoff hockey look like in Seattle?

Aside from making my single opinion known to the masses, there’s really no point in writing this article until some wealthy saint stands up and gives until it hurts in the form of a state-of-the-art arena that can house both Pro Hockey and Pro Basketball.

Obviously, my already-selfish side wants this to happen so we can bring in The New Sonics and pretend like 2008 never happened.  Well, now my me-first attitude on the subject has expanded to a desire for a hockey team.  A team that can slide into a nice I-5 rivalry with Vancouver.  A team that, hopefully, would develop into a contender just like the Canucks are this year.

Remember when Seattle was a major sports city?  Yeah, that stopped being the case as soon as we lost a major sports franchise.  All the WNBA titles and all the MLS games in the world will never make up for the fact that we don’t have one of the Big Three.  (With a new arena, and) with a Pro Hockey team – even if we didn’t get our Sonics back right away – it would work wonders towards replanting Seattle’s status as a bigtime sports hub.

How you look as a “sports city” is more important than how you act as a “sports city”.  The more inviting you appear, the likelier you are to get teams to move there (or to get leagues to expand there).  Right now, Seattle is as inviting as a sewage treatment plant.  A vastly remodeled Seattle Center arena (my preferred choice), or a brand-spankin’-new Spruce Goose over in Bellevue (a necessary evil I would gladly accept if it meant getting Pro B-ball & Hockey) is the only way Seattle’s going to look good enough in the eyes of the wallets in charge.

I hope someone steps up soon.  I’d like to be rooting for these sports in Seattle before I’m an old fucking man.

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