Fun Mariners Are Fun!

See, if anything, I bet most people would’ve predicted before the series began that we’d win on Saturday (Felix vs. Nobody) and lose on Friday and Sunday.

But lo, those Mariners, they ain’t what they used to be, ain’t what they used to be, ain’t what they used to be.

Maybe it was just because we played the Phillies, but I’m sensing that the fans are starting to feel it a little bit.  Did Philly just travel really well this weekend?  Has their success turned them into something of a Red Sox Nation where they have fans who’ve never even seen them play in their home stadium?  Could be part of it; I guess we’ll find out next weekend.

Because if you can’t get excited for being in an American League park and seeing your team’s pitchers bat right before your eyes, then there’s just nothing I can do for you.

You know what we could really use?  A good winning streak.  Another 9 wins in 11 games kind of thing.  Something to not only vault us into first place in the AL West (currently 0.5 games behind Texas), but vault us convincingly into first place.  Convincingly enough that we might just have to talk about being buyers at the Trade Deadline.

Isn’t that an odd thing to think about?  Here we are, a team with half its farm system up and contributing … and yet we’re still contending for the division?  This is a transition year!  This is a rebuilding year!  This is a year where we’re giving the kids a shot to see who we can count on going forward!  This isn’t a year where we’re supposed to think about trading some of those kids to get a veteran bat for a pennant chase!

Except it is.  It’s June 20th and we’re within half a game.  If we’re this close a month from now, we have to realistically think about things like Trading For A Bat.  Remarkable.

Remarkable and a little nerve-wracking.  Because all of our best trade chips are the same people who are keeping us in this race.  Our pitching.  Can’t move that.  If we traded away a single starter, we’d be hosed!  Who would take his place?  Have you seen Tacoma’s rotation thus far?  It’s abysmal!  And, if you convert David Pauley back into a starter, guess what:  that makes your bullpen all the crappier. 

Of course, that might have to be the way to go.  Because you know Smoak and Ackley aren’t going anywhere.  And guys like Peguero, Halman, and Carp haven’t done enough in the Majors to net you diddly squat.

And please, let’s just forget about trading Figgins.  It’s just NOT going to happen, okay?

God, I can’t tell you how much fun it is to think about these things, considering my expectations going into the year.  This is a fun baseball team to watch.  Here’s to that showing up at the Safeco turnstiles next weekend.

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