Shocking, Shocking News: Erik Bedard Is Hurt

It’s always something.  You know, if Bedard could ever make it to the July 31st trade deadline, he MIGHT be my favorite player of all time.

Sprained Left Knee.  15+ Day DL.  Sigh.

I almost feel bad for being sucked into believing in Erik Bedard.  Truth be told, I thought we had something here, mostly because instead of being a 5-innings & done pitcher, he was going 7 innings pretty regularly.  Now, that doesn’t mean I didn’t want to trade him; I knew if we were ever going to trade for a bat, it was going to HAVE to be for one of our starting pitchers.  Felix & Pineda are obviously untouchable; Fister & Vargas are back-end guys who probably wouldn’t net you much in return.  But, Bedard was the guy with both value and expendability.

That thought always creeps into my head:  losing a guy for nothing.  Ever since A-Rod, I’ve been unable to stand for losing a guy and getting nothing in return.  So, really, as much as it probably would’ve hurt our starting rotation over the long haul of this season, it was the move that made the most sense.  And hey, if he really loved it here, he could always re-sign with us before next season!  Win-win!

So, I was KINDA sucked in, but not really.  And now it doesn’t matter because I was wrong.  Counting on Bedard to complete a full season is a ridiculous concept.  I don’t like it when fans call him weak (or some variation of the phrase “pussy bitch”) because I think it’s valiant that he keeps coming back from these major injuries and he keeps pitching through pain.  But, you know what, while he might not be soft in the way that I take it, he IS soft in that he’s an injury-prone player who will probably never finish a full season ever again.  His mind, his will might not be soft, but his flesh and bone and tendons and muscles are soft as shit.  Thick, warm shit on your front lawn left there by the neighbor’s dog.

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