The San Diego Padres Play Ball Like A Girl!

Except, that’s degrading to women and not a true reflection of how sucky the Padres really are.

There was a lot to like about last night’s game, but really, what amongst all that action could you really count on the Mariners replicating?  Ryan and Kennedy both had 2 hits (each with 1 double), drove in 2 runs, and scored 3 times.  Carlos Peguero had a bases-loaded 2 RBI single.  Hell, Chone Figgins had a hit and made two fantastic defensive plays!

I would point to all of those guys and say that yesterday was the exception and not the rule.  If only we could play the Padres 162 times a year …

Yesterday was like one of those April Mariner games.  Our hitters took pitches, worked counts, generated walks (6), and knocked the starter out of the game with a high pitch count (93) in a low-numbered inning (4.2).  By choosing to go aggressive – or whatever the Mariners call NOT taking pitches, NOT working counts, NOT generating walks, and NOT knocking the starter out of games – our offense has just gotten worse and worse.

A lot of people like to bring up BABIP (batting average on balls in play), or some such variation, and say that a lot of what’s wrong with the Mariners’ offense can be boiled down to some really bad luck.  I don’t really care for that argument because A. it tries to cover up the fact that our hitters just plain stink, and B. with that rationale you could say the entire game of baseball can be boiled down to luck!

What makes the Mariners so bad at getting hits and the Red Sox so good?  Is it because they have a high BABIP (.309) and we have a very low BABIP (.269)?  Of course not.  They have better players than we do.  The fact that they have a much better BABIP is just a byproduct of them being better than us, plain and simple.

Since it’s a proven fact that this Mariners team is not good at hitting, then if we’re going to score enough runs, enough times, to make this summer more interesting than “How long can the Mariners stay within a handful of games of .500?” we’re going to have to return to our April roots.  Stop being afraid of going deep in counts!  Having two strikes on you isn’t the worst thing in the world!  Just because you let a ball go right down the middle doesn’t mean you’ll never see a pitch so good again!

I’m sorry, Eric Wedge, but you’re wrong.  You’re wrong and your team just showed you WHY you’re wrong with all this aggressiveness bullshit.  Chone Figgins, Jack Cust, Franklin Gutierrez and everyone else who’s struggling mightily right now won’t be getting out of their funks by swinging even MORE.  They all need to be swinging a lot less.  Getting back to their roots, playing THEIR games.  Not all hitters are created equal.  Some would rather take pitches and occasionally pick their spots to get hits.

Let’s get back to April baseball!  Don’t you remember how much better this offense was in April?  Don’t you remember that it was the pitching back then that was (somewhat) holding us down?  Well, the pitching is 150% better now!  Combined with more walks and deeper pitch counts, we can’t lose!

Here’s to the last two Padre games being the start of something great.  I’ll see you all at Safeco tonight; we’ll try to put those hideous brown and gold jerseys they were wearing last night out of our minds.

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