Why I’m Rooting For The Lockout To Succeed

I always find it interesting when fans side with the players in these disputes with management.  It’s like we see our own struggle within them.  Of course, that makes absolutely no sense because they’re nothing like us.  They’re millionaires.  They’re by and large (probably) assholes.  They’ve been coddled and sucked up to for so long now that they no longer know what it’s like to be a human being.

Rooting for the athlete is the same as rooting against yourself.  I’ll explain.

What is our real rooting interest in these lockout situations?  That’s right, for them to end as quickly as possible.  Because WE DON’T CARE.  We don’t care about the minutiae of collective bargaining; we just want to get back to watching the sports we love.  We want to be entertained.  Part of that means not missing games; getting these issues squared away before the season starts.  But, our entertainment value is also derived from how these issues are settled.

We want competitive balance in our sports.  We only have it in one – the NFL – but that just so happens to be the most overwhelmingly popular sport in this country today.  Baseball is probably a lost cause, which I think is unfortunate, because it could use salary cap reform the most.  However, basketball is on the table right now, and I’m hoping the owners put the screws to the players once and for all.

Sounds odd, I know, because I stopped following the NBA the second Seattle stopped having a team.  Nevertheless, I would like to see professional basketball return to the Seattle area someday, and I’d like for the bulk of the NBA’s financial problems to be fixed beforehand.

Even when we still had the Sonics, it was hard to be an NBA fan.  All of these albatross fucking contracts holding teams underwater like a remorseless bully.  Granted, you’ve got some simple-minded GMs tendering these contracts.  But still, it shouldn’t get to this point.

If a player fails to live up to the monetary parameters of his contract, the team should be able to cut him with no further financial obligation!

I don’t see what’s wrong with the NFL system at all.  Players get huge signing bonuses up front, and if they continue to perform at a high level, they’ll see the full potential of their contracts realized.  It’ll keep NBA players hungry.  And not that kind of Vin Baker hungry that turned him into a useless lout.  I mean, for every Michael Jordan and Gary Payton in the league, there are about 30 or 40 guys who just don’t give a shit.  Maybe if they no longer had their guaranteed contracts, they’d start giving a shit once again.

So, I hope this lockout lasts forever.  Let it eat up all of next season if you have to!  Just make sure you get the job done, owners.  You fucked up in 1998, let’s not see a repeat.

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