The Answer To A Question Nobody Asked: Kyle Seager

So, everybody, can we PLEASE stop with all of this?  The guys we bring up from Tacoma are most likely NOT going to be the savior of this offense.  Have we learned nothing from Mike Carp?  Yeah, he got on base a little bit, but overall his impact was pretty much nil!

Oh, don’t mind me.  I’m just irritable.  This whole “youth movement” thing would be a lot easier to swallow if this team were in last place in the AL.  Instead, all of this contending has put a bug in my ear.  A stupid, irrational bug that whispers, “Psst, we could do it.  We could be the 2010 San Francisco Giants.  This pitching is good enough to take us all the way.”

Of course, that may or may not be true, but what are we supposed to do about it?  It’s not like we can trade for all the replacements we need.  Third base, left field, center field, designated hitter … all of these positions in our batting order are black holes of death.  And first base, catcher, and short stop aren’t far behind.  I mean, unless we want to give up our two best young players – Ackley & Pineda – there’s no way we’re filling those holes in mid-season deal(s).

Instead, all we can do is stick with the plan.  Play the kids.  And so guys like Kyle Seager are brought up WELL before they’re ripe.  Except, they’re not brought up for the right reasons.  We’re told they’re here to gain valuable Major League experience, but in reality they’re here to “Save The Offense”.  They’re placed on a team hovering around .500, hovering close-enough to first place in the AL West, and they’re expected to be world-beaters right out of the box.

It ain’t right!

The truth is, I don’t know if Kyle Seager is ready to be up here or not.  My point is:  he doesn’t DESERVE to be up here to begin with.  And bringing him up here because he had a hot 2-week start to his Triple-A career isn’t doing him any favors.  Here’s what’s going to happen:  he’ll get some semi-regular playing time, he’ll stink to high heaven, and he’ll be back in Tacoma one month from today.  Really, where he belongs.

July isn’t the month you go full-retard with the youth movement.  July is the month you play the veterans you hope to unload.  I mean, that’s just Baseball 101 right there.  Jack Cust should be our everyday designated hitter, Jack Wilson should be sprayed across all infield positions to highlight his versatility, and Chone Figgins should be perched atop the dugout with a “Free” sign strapped around his neck.

Play ’em & trade ’em, Wedge & Z.  Spare me this youth movement until August when I can officially stop caring.

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