A Quick Word About The 116-Win Team

There’s a celebration of the 2001 Mariners going on tomorrow at Safeco, because it’s been 10 years since we were last a playoff team.  And, since this is the All Star Break (which has doubled as a Seattle Sports Hell Break for the most part), there isn’t much to talk about in the world of sports.  So, people are chiming in on this and starting to pile on a little bit.

Look, I’ll admit, celebrating a season where we ultimately fell short of our goal in pathetic fashion … that’s not something I would think to do.  But, truth be told, if we don’t celebrate these things in Seattle – our 1995 run, our 2001 regular season – what ARE we going to celebrate?  We don’t HAVE a championship to hang our hats on; we don’t HAVE an AL Pennant to wave around in everyone’s faces.  We’re a team that was one of the worst in all of baseball for a long time, then we blew up in 1995, and had a solid run of baseball until it all fell apart in 2004.  Nowhere in that time did we actually do anything, but we were a good team for the better part of a decade, and what’s wrong with remembering better times when you were happy to be a fan of the Mariners?

It’s all about building a history, building a tradition.  If, over the next 30 years, we go on to win four or five titles and make another three World Series, then maybe we start to take down some of these meaningless banners in Safeco.  But, until we get there, it’s not a bad idea to at least harken back to a happier time.  Especially when we’re mired in this no-hitting rut we’ve been in for the last four seasons.

Baseball tonight.  Finally.  Maybe now we can move on with our lives.  I hate this week.  I hate this week so damn much.

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