My Mariners Broken Record Is Skipping & Skipping & Skipping

I’m telling you, as soon as this stupid fucking NFL Lockout ends, I may never write about the Mariners again!

I can’t remember ever having such a wild rollercoaster of emotions regarding a team like I’ve had for the Maringers this year.  I hate them, I love them, I hate them again.  These hitters are just the worst, most miserable piles of shit I’ve seen in my life.  I don’t know what’s worse:  that I knew this coming into the season because we were hamstrung financially by the owners who are tightening up those purse strings, or that they fucking fooled me – if ever so briefly – with their winning ways in the month of May, into believing that they could MAYBE hold the fort at around .500.

But no, this is not a .500 team.  This is a team that was God damned SCREWING with us and will fall apart in short order.

Hey, three more games against the Rangers?  My bet:  we lose all three.

Just in time to hit the road for a 9-game East Coast road trip where we go to Toronto, Boston, and New York.  What’s a smart bet?  2-7?  That feels right to me.  Then, we finish the month with three games vs. Tampa.  What you wanna bet we win no more than 2 games the rest of the month?

I’m tired.  There are only so many ways you can write about a shitty offense.  Preseason football can’t come fast enough.

In the meantime, go out and celebrate a GREAT (regular season) team.  2001 Mariners Bobblehead night is tonight.  I won’t be there, but I’m planning on going home after work and reacquainting myself with them.  Might even throw up a retrospective before the ballgame tonight.

Don’t touch that dial.

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