Tarvaris Jackson To The Seahawks Might Be The Worst Idea Ever

So, this is what we’ve come to?  We move Heaven & Earth, so to speak, to get Charlie Whitehurst from San Diego – a cost so laughable the Chargers front office thought we were insane – we dick around when we have the chance to re-sign Hasselbeck, letting him twist in the wind of speculation all spring and much of the summer; and now I’m being told that there’s interest in Tarvaris Jackson?  What’s next, a long-term deal to sign Derek Anderson and a first round pick to the Browns for Jake Delhomme?

I honestly can’t imagine why anyone would think this is even REMOTELY a good idea.  Let’s look to the stats to build the most solid foundation any argument has ever had.

You’re looking at a guy with a 10-10 career record.  On the surface, that’s not the worst record in the world, but remember he’s been playing since the 2006 season.  And even then, he’s only started once in the last two seasons because the Vikings felt they’d be better off with a 107 year old quarterback leading the charge.  If you really want to critique Tarvaris Jackson’s abilities, you have to look at the 2007 season.

This was a stacked team.  Best defense against the run, best offense FOR the run.  He had a sick offensive line (anchored by Steve Hutchinson), two incredibly talented runners (Chester Taylor and The Adrian Peterson), and a couple of blossoming young receivers in Sidney Rice and Visanthe Shiancoe.  As such, in his 12 starts, Jackson went 8-4.  Or, rather, Minnesota went 8-4 in SPITE of Tarvaris Jackson.

Jackson tossed 9 touchdowns to his 12 interceptions (in his entire career over 20 starts and 16 other partial games, Jackson had 24 TDs and 22 INTs); he threw for 159 yards per game, and he had a 70.8 QB rating (good for 28th in the NFL that year).  They were the second-worst passing offense in the NFL; it’s a wonder why they were so good at running the ball, because any defensive coordinator worth his salt should’ve had 11 in the box at all times.

What does he have going for him?  Well, he’s familiar with our new offensive coordinator Darrell Bevell.  That’s a PLUS?  He worked with the guy for years and never got any better!  How is that a plus?  You could say he’s cheap, thereby making it pretty much a no-lose situation.  We sign him for a minimal amount, he comes into a direct competition situation, and if he fails, what did we lose?

I’ll tell you what we MIGHT lose … what if he beats out Charlie Whitehurst.  Tarvaris Jackson is bad, but is he worse than Touchdown Jesus?  Just knowing Bevell’s system might be enough to beat out ol’ number 6, but that just means he’ll get to start in regular season games for the Seattle Seahawks.

I’m not gonna lie to you, that’s got Disaster written all over it!  Seattle fans:  we’re not completely in the dark here.  We have eyes.  We have brains with the capacity for memory.  We’ve seen what this guy’s capable of.  We know who Tarvaris Jackson is, and our opinion of this young man is lower than Chone Figgins’ batting average.  You think Figgy gets booed mercilessly when he pops out to the short stop?  Just wait until the very FIRST time Jackson overthrows a wide open Mike Williams on 3rd and 8.  You’ll think you’ve died and woken up in Philadelphia there’ll be so much hate-filled venom!

And I’m sorry, but I can’t buy the “Change of Scenery” theory.  You think there was pressure on him before, being a rookie “Quarterback of the Future”?  Just imagine the pressure he’ll feel not only by joining a team fresh from a playoff appearance, but by replacing the best quarterback this franchise has ever had.  Matt Hasselbeck is no John Elway or Dan Marino, but he’s still a Ring of Honor shoo-in, and he’s got some mighty big shoes to be filled once he decides to depart.

Seattle fans are pretty forgiving, trusting folks.  We’re willing to defer to the experts running the team until it’s proven to us that they’re incompetent ninnies (Bill Bavasi, Tim Ruskell).  But, when we can see a bad idea coming a mile away, we’re not going to give that bad idea one iota of a chance to redeem his shattered career.  Tarvaris Jackson is the worst idea seen thrown our direction in quite some time, and I hope it never comes to fruition.  Because unless he comes in here and pulls some kind of Doug Flutie-esque career turnaround from Game 1, he’s going to be booed from the second he pulls on his jersey until the final straw when he’s pulled from the game in favor of literally ANYONE ELSE.

Of course, I can read your thoughts:  “Why are you tearing down this idea when you’re not giving us any thought whatsoever into what the Seahawks SHOULD do for their quarterback situation?”  Because, I feel my point is made pretty damn clear:  the Seahawks could pick any other available guy on the market, via free agency or trade (outside of the aforementioned Derek Anderson and Jake Delhomme), and I’d be for it.  Not just me, but a lot of other rational Seahawks fans out there.

But, if I had to narrow it down, and if we’re absolutely certain Matt Hasselbeck is going to walk (which, as I’ve stated before, makes zero sense because no other team is going to offer Matt that second season; whereas a second season in Seattle is all but guaranteed, even if we draft a Quarterback of the Future next year, because that guy will likely need a season to sit and learn), then I’d probably say let’s give someone who’s unproven a shot at competing with Charlie this year.  Kolb’s price is too damn high, Carson Palmer is just never going to happen (and if it did, his price would also be too damn high for someone on the downside of his career), but some of these other free agent types are at least somewhat interesting.

Why couldn’t we give Vince Young a shot?  Oh, because he’s obviously immature?  Because he’s a diva with a huge ego?  Perhaps, but guess what:  someone is going to give him a shot regardless.  And I have to believe that ego took a massive hit when his last head coach basically cut off his own head in an effort to rid the Titans of their erstwhile star.  Vince Young could come in here with a competitive attitude and fight for a job like he’s been doing his entire career.  He’ll have a looser head coach, he’ll have more talented receivers than he ever had with the Titans, and he’ll be on a team devoted to running the football (which he himself is more than capable of).

You want to talk about being a running quarterback?  Vince Young is just that, and much better than Tarvaris Jackson I might add.  Plus, he just wins.  It might not always be pretty, but Vince Young has proven his mettle down the stretch in the fourth quarters of games.  Vince Young is Tarvaris Jackson with 50% more talent.  Throw him a bone for a year or two and watch the return of your investment skyrocket.

I’m not going to get into the other guys, but trust me when I say any of them – even Matt Leinart – will be better received in Seattle than Tarvaris Jackson.  I just hope I never have to say “I Told You So”.

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