The Mariners Own A Brand New, Mint Condition 15-Game Losing Streak

UPDATE – Not Quitting Day Job:  This Guy!  Good lord was that a drubbing.  Hello 16-game losing streak + counting …

The last time the Seattle Mariners won a baseball game was July 5th.  It is now July 25th as they start a 3-game series in Yankee Stadium.

I just figured I’d bang this post real quick and shove it out of bed for a couple reasons:  first, who enjoys thinking about how much the Mariners suck?  I know I don’t.  For the record, 15 consecutive losses is the most consecutive losses the Mariners have ever had.  Now I’m REALLY glad I took that week off from thinking about and talking about the Mariners.

Secondly, this week – as early as today – we’re going to be talking about the Seahawks and nothing but the Seahawks.  What with the CBA being agreed upon, we’re looking at teams being able to sign their own players starting at noon; followed by teams being able to sign anyone starting tomorrow.  The Seahawks need about 95 people to fill out their roster, so suffice it to say this week should be the most fun we’ve had in Seattle in quite some time.

As for the Mariners, it looks like this:

  • Vargas vs. The Chief
  • Fister vs. Sabathia
  • Felix vs. Hughes

Here’s a hint as to how this series is going to go:  Fister will have zero runs of support and we will get killed in that game.  I’m going to say that Felix just destroys the Yankees and we find a way to beat Hughes 2-1.  And I’m going to predict that TONIGHT, in a 4-3 contest, Jason Vargas breaks the 15-game losing streak!  Put your money down now, folks, because it’s going to be a glorious night in the Bronx!

By the way, if the M’s can somehow find a way to win 2 of 3 in New York, my fortune-telling days may just be starting.  I’m right-on about the Texas sweep, and for 2-7 to happen on this road trip, 2-1 needs to happen in this series.  Not impossible.  Of course, for my prophecy to REALLY come true, we’ll have to subsequently be swept by the Rays.  That might be tough since we’re scheduled to miss their two best starters …

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