Hot, Sexy Sad, Depressing Free Agent Speculation

So, it’s official.  Matt Hasselbeck is gone.  I’ll go ahead and write up my eulogy later this week, because to be honest I’m not sure how I feel.  This whole offseason has dragged on for so long that it feels like he’s been gone for a year already.

Also, it’s official!  My worst nightmare has come to life and gutted me like a fish!  I’m trying to equate this to a comparable move in the past – with a player I loathed on par with Tarvaris Jackson – and I’d have to say it’s like when the Denver Broncos tried to replace John Elway with Bubby Brister.  MAN did I hate Brister; so of course I thought it was hilarious that the Broncos took a flier on him because I hated the Broncos just about as much.  The fact that Brister had some success (4-0 record in 1998) only made his eventual downfall that much sweeter.

Of course, if I wanted to put a local spin on it, I could equate it to when the Seahawks signed Trent Dilfer.  Could. Not. STAND Trent Dilfer!  To be fair, I still can’t because he’s pretty much the biggest jackass on ESPN right now; but at the time:  hated the signing.  The fact that he had 1 Super Bowl winning season in Baltimore did not sway my opinion of the man one bit because I already saw how much ass he sucked in Tampa for 5+ seasons.

But, I’ll reserve my official judgment on the Tarvaris Jackson signing until I see the terms.  I hope we didn’t overpay for a guy just because we signed his stupid Offensive Coordinator …

In other I Don’t Have An Appropriate Adjective news, rumors are swirling and swirling that Matt Leinart is also on his way to Seattle.  To paraphrase myself:  I hope we didn’t overpay for a guy just because we signed his stupid head coach …

Lookee here:  God, if there is a God, can you just PLEASE tell me we’re dealing with 1-year deals?  Between Leinart, Jackson, and Whitehurst, I can unequivocally declare that I don’t want to see ANY of those guys beyond the 2011 season.

In somewhat brighter news, Brandon Mebane’s agent is talking to us.  I’m cautiously optimistic about this; I’ve said all along we need to be signing this guy to a long-term deal.  Defensive linemen only get better with experience (until they hit that wall and start being super injury-prone); I feel Mebane has a solid-to-spectacular 4 years in him at a minimum.  Do the right thing, Carroll & Schneider!  You’re dicking us around with these quarterbacks; the least you can do is re-sign the second most-important Seahawk free agent.

Weird day.  Angry, hopeful, wistful, bemused, and a little entertained.  This might be the oddest Seahawks season on record, even moreso than 2010.

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