Mebane Back?

Huge.  I’m telling you, this is absolutely huge.

I get these texts from 710 AM, the ESPN radio station here in Seattle, because I entered some contest for free tickets a while ago.  Most of the time, I get a text whenever a Mariners game ends; most of the time, they’re giving me an abbreviated recap of a loss I’m utterly aware of.

HOWEVER, every once in a while, when there is some breaking piece of news that happens while I’m at work and not obsessively refreshing Twitter as is my wont on some of my down time, I get alerted to something noteworthy.  Something exciting.  Something tragic.  It’s how I learned Hasselbeck wouldn’t be back; it’s how I learned Isaiah Thomas was going to declare for the NBA draft; it’s how I learned Venoy Overton was in trouble AGAIN.

And today, it’s how I learned that Brandon Mebane is coming back.  This from John Clayton, a guy I would follow like a cult leader if only I knew how to mix Kool Aid.  The Professor more than knows his shit; if I had a choice of trusting a John Clayton rumor, or some bit of information my own parents presented as fact, I’m not gonna lie to you, I’d put more stock in the rumor (my parents did, after all, spend years upon years getting me to believe in a thing called Santa Claus; I know JC would never do me like that).

I’m assuming we’re talking about a 4-5 year deal worth a full-sized pickup truck-load of money, and I’ve gotta say this might make me happier than anything the Seahawks have done in the past two years (at least, as far as transactions are concerned; even happier than re-doing Sean Locklear’s deal so we could be rid of him going into the 2011 season).  There’s little else more satisfying than drafting a guy in the third round, seeing him become an immediate contributer to your starting defensive line, and witnessing him improve over time to be as highly coveted as Brandon Mebane is currently.  It’s the investment!  So much more gratifying than signing someone like Sidney Rice, stealing him away from an irritating rival.  Brandon Mebane is OURS.  You can’t have him!

I may be over-reacting a little bit; it’s not like he’s an All Pro or anything.  I dunno, I’ve always just liked the guy.  And, as fans, all we ever talk about is building up from within.  That’s the key to success, drafting well and keeping as many of the core guys around for as long as you can.  Well, this re-signing, keeping Mebane in the fold, that’s a small part of that.  A small part, but not insignificant.

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