The Seahawks Are Getting The Job Done In Free Agency

Look, I’m not going to be all doom and gloom on the quarterback thing ALL the time.  Aside from that, there is a TON to like about what the Seahawks have done.

This team, going into and coming out of last year had just about as many holes as a team can have.  Offensive line, defensive line, defensive backfield, wide receiver, quarterback.  Say what you want about whomever, the Seahawks are showing that they’re up to the task of improving this team at all facets of the game (obviously, aside from cornerback, but there’s still time).

Quarterback – even though I may disagree with the route they’ve chosen, they’ve nevertheless addressed it.  Whether or not they’ve addressed it well is a matter to be determined on September 11th.  At least they didn’t neglect it completely.  Tarvaris Jackson might not be my cup of tea, but in all likelihood (in some capacity), he will be better than nothing.  Grade:  D-

Offensive Line – I love this more than anything they’ve done.  Four tremendous young talents who can grow and meld together over what are hopefully four long careers.  Sure, they’re probably going to struggle THIS year, but what would you expect?  In time, probably within 1-2 years, they’re going to gel and they’re going to be fantastic.  And yeah, while they’ll be on the bad side this year, they’re not going to be COMPLETE trainwrecks!  They’ll be like any group of young athletes: they’ll show flashes of brilliance and they’ll have moments where you say, “What the hell was THAT?”  Robert Gallery will help, hopefully, give us more moments of brilliance.  Grade:  A

Wide Receiver – The last time we had a blazing talent at this position was when Joey Galloway was catching bombs from Jon Kitna and taking punts back to the house.  Ever since, it’s been one fill-in guy after another.  We’ve been a team full of 2’s and 3’s since the end of the 90s.  So, I’m excited we have Sidney Rice.  If he’s truly back from his injury, he’ll be the first bonafide Number 1 starter we’ve had since the Dennis Erickson era.  Teams will have to shift their coverages towards him, leaving guys like Mike Williams and Ben Obomanu with more favorable matchups to exploit.  Now, if only they had a professional quarterback to throw them the balls.  Grade:  B+

Running Back – Pretty much, the Seahawks did nothing here.  Well, that’s not technically accurate, they DID re-sign Leon Washington; though, I’m still skeptical that he’s going to get the kinds of offensive touches he deserves.  Nevertheless, while we may not have an Adrian Peterson type at this position, we’ve got the best of all worlds.  Marshawn the Thunder and Forsett the Lightning.  Tack on the re-signing of fullback Michael Robinson and I’m quite pleased with this group.  Grade:  B

Defensive Line – Today, it’s official, Brandon Mebane is coming back.  Like I said yesterday, this is completely and totally awesome.  We’ve also signed a guy named Alan Branch away from the Cardinals to be our backup 5-technique defensive end behind Red Bryant, so there’s some MORE depth.  I have a feeling we’re not done here, as it would be nice to either see Raheem Brock come back or maybe find another low-cost defensive end to play the Leo position.  Of course, we’ve always got Aaron Curry, if we haven’t completely given up on him yet … Grade:  B

Linebacker – Today (or was it yesterday) also brings the news that Leroy Hill is coming back.  THAT is probably the most shocking turn of events I’ve heard in this abbreviated off-season of free agent activity.  My assumption is he’s coming in cheap and, if he’s lost it or causes trouble, he’ll be easily gotten rid of for little-to-no cost.  I’m not against this decision, but I am skeptical that he’ll return to any kind of form.  Of course, you have to wonder … is Lofa Tatupu on the chopping block?  David Hawthorne COULD slide over into the middle linebacker spot.  Is Aaron Curry on his way out?  Seems like a quick hook for a guy drafted so high; but then again, this regime didn’t pick him.  Could be some MAJOR shakeups afoot in the linebacking corps.  Grade:  C-

Secondary – So far, the Seahawks have done squat after the draft to bolster this group, but like I said earlier, there’s still time.  I’m tempted to give the secondary a passing grade on the Addition By Subtraction Rule thanks to ridding ourselves of Kelly Jennings, but he remains unsigned.  Until I know I’m in the clear, I can’t possibly have a definitive opinion on these guys.  In listening to John Schneider on the radio a little bit ago, he said he’s not concerned and made overtures that the group we have in camp now could be the group we go to the grave with.  I still think there are moves on the horizon, and I’m on record as saying that I think we should bring back Big Play Babs.  Grade:  F

I didn’t come into this post with an eye towards grading the positions.  To be clear, though, the grades aren’t on the positions themselves, but they’re the grades on what Pete & John have done in free agency to improve these positions.  I decided to not include Special Teams because I frankly don’t give a shit right now.  Olindo Mare got a shit-ton of money to go to Carolina because they’re idiots who over-pay for kickers.  They’re like that guy in every fantasy league who drafts a kicker in the 7th round because he wants to have the “best” kicker.  Or that guy in the bar who hits on the most reasonable-looking fat chick because he’s desperate to go home with someone.

This post just got a little misogynistic right out of nowhere, so with that I’m going to say my good nights.

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