Lofa Leaves Seattle

As I suspected Friday, (because really, why go back to Leroy Hill – why make linebacker at all a priority with the guys we had and the draft picks we made – if we weren’t going to release a starter like Tatupu or Curry?) the Seahawks have rid themselves of Lofa Tatupu.

On the one hand, I understand where Sando is coming from:  why get rid of him if he’s only making $4.35 million?  He’s our unquestioned leader on defense, and when healthy he’s still productive and (probably more importantly) he makes others around him better.

On the other hand, I’m getting sick and tired of playing the waiting game with him.  WHEN is he going to get injured?  It’s not a matter of IF anymore; he gets injured every fucking season.  Better to have a guy like Hawthorne – who manages to be just as productive, while also MORE on the field – go into the season as our starting middle linebacker than have him adjust on the fly when Lofa tears or pulls or bruises whatever he’s going to tear, pull, or bruise.

I mean, even when Lofa’s healthy he’s still playing through some fucking injury!  Who needs a slowed-down, decrepit, undersized middle linebacker?  I dunno, probably the Patriots.

Look, I appreciate the man for what he’s done for this team and this city.  He was a great leader and, in his prime, he was a great linebacker in this league.  But, his best years are behind him, and as we’ve seen with the running back position, it’s best to let aging linebackers go before you regret it.

I’ll always look back fondly at Lofa Tatupu, but this is a young team that needs to get younger, not cling to the past.  Best of luck, Mr. Tatupu, in all your future endeavors.  Here’s to your raising the 12th Man Flag one day.

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