Mariners Trade Bedard & The Last Bavasi First Round Pick

Knowing what little I’ve been told on today’s M’s broadcast (and what I’ve gleaned from Twitter), Jackie Z did about as well as he could’ve done in maximizing his return for Erik Bedard.  And, hey!  Josh Fields goes too!

Let’s face it, this is a move that HAD to be made.  I’m glad we had the guts this time to make the big moves that needed to be made (as opposed to last year, which was just inexcusable; but then again, who besides Felix last year did other teams clamor for?).  Don’t get me wrong, I’m as big of an Erik Bedard fan as there is; he has really impressed me with his drive, dedication, and willingness to stick around for incentive-laden deals even though he probably could’ve made more money out on the open market.  Did the Bedard trade backfire on us in the first place?  Of course it did, but that doesn’t mean I can’t appreciate the guy for what he’s done while he’s been healthy.

And him making the local media guys uncomfortable with his demeanor, well, all the better.

As for Josh Fields, well, he won’t be missed.  The stupid fucking idiot waits a whole year before he signs, then he promptly gets injured (and when he wasn’t injured, it’s not like he was mowing people down).  Screw Josh Fields; I hope he makes the Red Sox rue the day they asked for him.

In  return, we get two outfielders:  one AA guy, one AAA guy.  Both will stay at their respective levels, both will hopefully develop into something we can use on the field.  It’s pretty amazing how we’ve had to go after outfield prospects in these two trades; seems like ALL of our major prospects are outfielders.  When will one of these chickenfuckers manage to stick on a Major League club?

By the way, where does that leave our rotation?  Felix, Pineda, Vargas, Beavan … Luke French?  Chaz Roe?  Nate Robertson?  Yikes all around!

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