What Are YOU Doing Here, Zach Miller?

There comes a time during the year where every Seahawks fan inevitably cries out, “What in the HELL are you doing???”  Actually, if I were to be somewhat more accurate, there are probably about a couple thousand such instances in any given year.  Rarely, though, is that question uttered with such perplexity as it’s being uttered by me right now.

I have absolutely NO idea what the Seahawks are doing.

If I were a more gullible fan, I’d say the Seahawks are loading up for one hell of a shot at the division crown and maybe even the Super Bowl.  Signing guys like Gallery, Mebane, Rice, and now Zach Miller, you gotta think:  here are four guys in the prime of their careers.  Four guys who have shown they can excel at their respective positions.  Four guys who could be building blocks of a really strong foundation.

But, I’m not gullible (or, at least, not as gullible as I used to be, nor as gullible as the average fan).  I see our quarterbacks, I see our VERY young offensive line, and I see our totally inept secondary and that all adds up to an inconsistent team that is 8-8 at BEST.  Sure, 8-8 runs away with the division last year, but this year I wonder.  This all isn’t to say that our offensive line couldn’t be great in 2-3 years; nor does it discount the fact that our young corners COULD be quality starters if we’re lucky, in those same 2-3 years.

When you put it that way, moves like these (of the Gallery, Mebane, Rice, & Miller variety) could be as savvy as they come.  In 2-3 years, all four of those guys SHOULD still be playing and producing.  If we can somehow find a quarterback capable to take us all the way in that time, we could be some VERY happy fans in Seattle by 2014.

But, just because that’s what I think, doesn’t mean that’s what the organization believes.  To them, these moves are meant for one thing:  winning now.  Their delusion is precious, but it’s leaving me befuddled.

Of course, if it were all about winning now, we’d have Matt Hasselbeck in the fold.  So, yeah, I’m stumped.

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