Retarded: Not Letting Teams Practice With Free Agents

This issue got a little lost in all the hubbub of football, you know, being back and everything.  There was a stipulation that still hasn’t been properly explained to me, that makes absolutely no sense except to senselessly punish teams for no good God damned reason.  And that would be the rule that teams can’t practice with their free agent signings – whether they’re signed away from other teams or re-signed from last year’s squad – until 1 week before the team’s first pre-season game.

I’m asking:  HOW does that make sense?  Is this just one more way to stick it to all the bad teams?  Because, you figure, teams like New England, New Orleans, Indianapolis, Green Bay, and Pittsburgh are all pretty much set at their core positions.  So, THEY are able to, right now, practice just about everyone they want to practice.

Meanwhile, teams in transition (like the bulk of the NFC West, for instance), bad teams from last year who are in dire need of the MOST help from vindictive NFL rules, they just get to suck a dick because they didn’t have the foresight to re-sign a bunch of players they didn’t want before the Lockout began.

Look at the Seahawks.  They have to be, hands down, the team most in flux.  And they’ve had to wait until August 4th to practice with:

  • Their Starting Quarterback
  • Their Number 1 Receiver
  • Their only veteran offensive lineman
  • The bulk of their defensive line
  • And various other role players

I mean, yeah, I’m sure this is great for rookies who need as many reps as they can get.  But, what the hell?  We get exactly ZERO training camp with some of our most important pieces on this year’s team.  That would be zero training camp because, guess what, once tomorrow rolls around, we’re officially a week away from a pre-season game.  I know that teams don’t generally game plan for these games anyway, but still.  It’s pretty much a big load of horse shit if you ask me.  1 week for all these new and returning guys to get their reps in before game action.  1 week, I might add, of reduced practices (of which I’ll surely bitch about more later this week).

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