So Long Big Play Babs

According to Danny O’Neil, Tennessee is turning into Seattle East.

I always find it amusing when other teams pick up an inordinate amount of our cast-offs (an inordinate amount being anything higher than 1).  I get the whole thing about being familiar with guys you’ve worked with in the past, but moves like this (and Chicago picking up Chris Spencer because Tim Ruskell is a muckety-muck in their front office) kinda strikes me as bull-headed and defensive.  Like you’re trying to justify why you believed in these players in the first place.

Not that I necessarily think guys like Spencer or Babs aren’t worthy of being picked up by other teams.  I just wonder:  how much of your belief in those players is based on what you’ve seen from them on the field vs. your massive ego as a player evaluator?

Anyway, that’s a long, cynical way of saying:  We’ll miss you, Big Play Babs.  You’ve provided us with a crazy number of memorable plays (every one of your 10 interceptions were a joy to behold), you were about as versatile as a guy in the secondary can be (shifting from starting corner to nickel corner to strong safety to free safety like a chameleon), and most importantly in the minds and hearts of fans:  you actually WANTED to be in Seattle. 

All of that from an undrafted free agent.  Rarely is it possible to get that kind of mileage out of a guy who wasn’t considered to be among the best 255 players coming out of college in 2004.  There you have it.

As if we in Seattle didn’t have reason enough to root our balls off for the Tennessee Titans … I’m damned tempted to get NFL Ticket just to watch them in action!  I guess I’ll have to settle for sitting in a bar for 8 hours every Sunday … darn it all!

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