Guess What: Playing Football IS Your Full Time Job

I was going to write about this much, much earlier – because it irritated me so – but I forgot to write the idea down and thus forgot about it until I was reminded somewhat by this post.

Anyway, as we were getting closer and closer to the finish line with regards to the CBA being agreed upon, they were talking about some of the minor sticking points being discussed between the two parties.  One of them, which rubbed me the wrong way, had to do with OTAs and Training Camp.  Someone was complaining (I REALLY wish I remember who it was) – maybe it was a sports radio DJ, maybe it was a local columnist talking to the sports radio DJ, maybe it was a football player – about how they have to go through too many of these OTAs throughout the season, “It’s like a full time job or something.”

Well, that just settled it.  Are you KIDDING me?  First, we have the billionaires vs. the millionaires bitching about how rich they need to be for this thing to be worth their while, and now we’ve got athletes bitching about how they have to work really hard?  At their JOBS?

Yes, you miserable piece of shit, football is your fucking job!  Yeah, it’s probably really difficult to be a football player – you’ve got to read playbooks, run around in the sunshine, play dress up, and then run around on the field playing a game for a living (a living that makes you quite wealthy for the rest of your lives, I might add).  No one wants to hear you bitching about how you have to attend practices in April!

Yeah, I would absolutely LOVE it if my job let me have 7 months off a year, but I don’t have that luxury.  The least you can do is show up a few times throughout the offseason – where the coaches are only trying to make you better at your craft so you can go out and make more money later – and keep your fucking mouths shut about how hard your job is.

No one wants to hear it.  I may be in the extreme minority of people who are on the owners’ side throughout this whole process (especially when, in any other labor dispute situation, I would ALWAYS be on the workers’ side), but this is the reason why.  Football players who don’t want to work.  Pisses me right off.

Of course, it’s not all of them, but it’s certainly enough of them to get this proposal to pass in the CBA.

And before you get on my case, yeah, I get it, it’s to preserve the safety of the players.  Blah blah blah.

Guess what, resting guys isn’t going to prevent freak injuries.  Guys who get concussions by getting knocked to the turf, guys who plant their feet wrong and tear their ACLs, guys who throw a football and break their hands because it lands on someone’s helmet.  No amount of rest and relaxation is going to stop that.

I would argue the best way to avoid injuries is to make sure you’re in the best possible condition.  That means working out, ALL THE TIME.  Keeping yourself in shape so instead of getting hurt, you hurt the other guy.  And even then, it’s still not going to be enough to stave off injury forever because guess what:  football is a violent fucking sport!  Deal with it!

You make millions, you get fame and adoration, you get to do something only a tiny fraction of the population ever gets to do (AND, you get free medical while still under contract).  If anything, the guys I feel for are the retired.  Keep fighting for the old timers and you’ll have my respect again.

Keep bitching about how you have to work all the time and you’ll lose my respect forever.

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