Mariners Sign Danny Hultzen

UPDATE:  $8.5 million for 5 years; worth up to $10.6 million with incentives (I suppose).

Shameless ploy for hits there with the title, but what can you do?  The blog has been effectively dormant since last Wednesday.

Been able to keep track of things for the most part on my vacation.  Mariners won some games, Mariners lost some games.  Ho hum.  Haven’t had a chance to pore through the box scores to see what I really missed; but the bottom line is it’s only been a few days, so nothing too dire could’ve happened (with apologies to Smoak’s nose).

Tonight, however, things were dire, at least somewhat.  Would the Mariners sign their top overall draft pick?  If they didn’t, then the Mariners would hold the #3 pick in next year’s draft (as well as whatever pick they would regularly get).

On the one hand, who cares?  If he didn’t sign, we’d just go after another guy next year anyway.  Besides, there’s no guarantees in baseball.  Just because Hultzen was taken #2 overall (a shock by many who thought he’d be picked lower in the first round) doesn’t mean he’s destined to be the next Randy Johnson.

On the other hand, though, not signing Hultzen would’ve just pushed back our rebuilding project that much further (providing Hultzen is actually the front-line starter people say he’ll be).  And you don’t want to be a team that’s perceived to be cheap.  You don’t want to be pushovers, but you gotta dish out the cheddar when you just finished losing 100 games with the 2nd worst record in baseball.

And, as it turns out, the Mariners did dish it out.  In fact, from what I’m reading, they paid Hultzen more than the Pirates paid for the #1 pick Gerrit Cole.  I’m sure we’ll get the details in the coming minutes/hours, but that’s just amazing.  To be a guy who was legitimately surprised to be drafted #2 overall, who is now making more money than the only guy drafted ahead of him.

Hell, maybe we are pushovers.  Hultzen better be worth it.

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