How Much Longer Until We Give Up On Aaron Curry?

I’m pretty much going to make these posts an annual occurrence until he either proves his worth or is off this team.

Helmets Are NOT For Throwing!

It doesn’t appear to be a coincidence that Aaron Curry makes a dumbass penalty for unsportsmanlike conduct in last Saturday’s preseason game, and now today we hear that his contract has been restructured.  Though I do find it interesting.

Until Mark Sanchez becomes the All Pro nobody expects him to become, I’m still not going to bemoan the pick of Curry over Sanchize, in spite of the fact that it’s looking more and more likely Curry will indeed be a bust.  I don’t like Mark Sanchez.  I will never like Mark Sanchez.  (for the record, I do like Josh Freeman, who was the 17th overall pick in that very same draft; how do you think HE would look in a Seahawks uniform right about now?)  But, I have to admit he’s at least DOING something with himself as the 5th overall pick.  Curry isn’t doing a damn thing.  And with more plays like last Saturday’s helmet toss, Curry is actively harming this team.

It seems like I (along with everyone else in Seattle) have been saying this every time Curry’s name is ever mentioned:  he needs to get his shit together pronto.  It’s now or never for this guy.  A top 5 pick, in his third season, NEEDS to make a positive impact.

Last year he played in all 16 games, making only 73 tackles and registering only 3.5 sacks.  I’m sorry, but that’s simply not going to cut it.  At some point, this stops being an issue of “not using him properly” and starts being an issue of “he’s just not a good football player”.  Either we need to make him an every-down pass rusher, or we need to figure out a way to utilize his athleticism in other aspects of the game (maybe as a grotesquely overpriced special teamer).  Because what do you do with linebackers who aren’t ready to be on the field playing defense?  You have them running down kickoff returners.

This pretty much has to be Curry’s year, because if he doesn’t step his game up somehow, he won’t see the start of the 2012 season.  We’ve got K.J. Wright, Malcolm Smith, Mike Morgan, and Matt McCoy all ready to take his spot.  They’re young, they’re hungry, and they’re cheap.  So are the linebackers we could see ourselves drafting next year should the thought strike our fancy.

The time to give up on Aaron Curry isn’t now (mostly because I’m chocking up the 2011 season as a lost cause), but it’s on the event horizon.  And that event horizon is sucking up guys like Aaron Curry into the black hole of irrelevance.  100 tackles and 8 or 9 sacks would go a long way towards Curry being a Seahawk for many years to come.  Anything less, and I’d say we’ll have ourselves a bust on our hands.

And my oh my, what a bust that would be.  Not since Rick Mirer would we have whiffed on such a high pick!  If we’re just looking at linebackers, Brian Cushing was in that draft!  So was Clay Matthews!  Hell, even James Laurinaitis has made more of an impact for our rivals in St. Louis than Aaron Curry.  Even I didn’t think Tim Ruskell would garner a failing grade on his 2009 first round pick; Curry was supposed to be the “safest” choice in that draft.  Goes to show how far playing it safe will get you.

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