What I’d Like To See In Week 3 of the Seahawks’ Preseason

Of course, just because these are things I’d LIKE to see doesn’t mean they’re actually going to be things seen.

I’d like to see Jeff Reed kick a field goal.  I’m not greedy; I think AH field goal isn’t too much to ask.  So far this preseason, we’ve kicked exactly one field goal in the two games, and it was made by the guy we cut before the last game.  It would be nice to know if Jeff Reed still has something left in the tank before games start counting.  You know, if I thought the Seahawks were going to be worth a damn.

I’d like to see Charlie Whitehurst get some reps with the first team offense.  Now, I know that’s probably not gonna happen, but I think he deserves it and I think we – as fans – deserve it.  Even though you can’t find a softer landing than Denver’s defensive line, I’d like to know how he would respond to the challenge.  Either he comes in and stinks up the joint (thereby quieting the angry mob who’s calling for Tarvar’s head, of which I am their leader with the biggest pitchfork), or he comes in and improves on what he’s already shown (thereby once and for all opening this thing up to a full-blown quarterback competition).

And by the way, if the conjecture and hearsay is true and the Seahawks really did offer Tarvar the starting job in exchange for him signing here:  how in bloody hell did Tarvar command that kind of bargaining power?  Who out there in the NFL is willing to blindly hand Tarvar a starting job after showing what he showed in Minnesota?  It ALMOST makes sense in our case, because we do have his old offensive coordinator and everything.  But for any other team, it boggles the mind!  Sometimes, I just don’t understand sports.

I’d like to see a pass completion of longer than 15 yards.  And I ain’t talking about 15 yards worth of YAC.  I want to see a ball go through the air a minimum of 15 yards and then land in a receiver’s set of hands (not a tight end, not a running back, not a defender) without bobbling, without any question whatsoever that the thing is a catch.  Yes, a lot of this is on the QBs – they’ve got to step up in the pocket and assert their dominance – but it’s also on the playcaller and the wide receivers.  Wide outs:  you’ve got to get open!  What the fuck are we paying you for, Sidney Rice?  And Bevell, I understand this is preseason and you don’t want to give away too much of the playbook, but this isn’t your average, everyday preseason.  You’re working with a bunch of new players, you’re breaking in a quarterback who hasn’t started much in the last two years, and you’re dealing with a group as a whole who hasn’t had anything in the way of an offseason training program.  It’s time to put some of the plays we’ll need in the regular season to the test right now!  See if we have the players to pull them off!  Trust me, giving some of the playbook away in the preseason isn’t going to hurt this team’s chances.  Not practicing them in real game situations might.

I’d like to see Kelly Jennings castrated so he can’t dilute the gene pool with his shortness and overall ineptitude.  OK, this one might’ve gone over the line.

I’d like to see a kick returned.  Seriously.  The NFL just turned the most exciting play in football into THE most boring.  I’d rather watch 30 PATs in a row than a game full of touchbacks.

By the by, why are touchbacks off of kickoffs taken back to the 25, but not when you’re a defender and you punch the ball from the receiver’s hands through the endzone as he’s about to go in for a TD?  And, I haven’t been paying much attention, but I would assume that punts kicked into the endzone are also deposited on the 20 yard line just like before.  That seems needlessly complicated.  Just put kickoffs back the way they were before I hurt you, NFL!

Finally, I’d like to see Tim Tebow fail miserably.  I don’t think it’s too much to ask; the guy is a giant tool.  Yeah, Aaron Curry might be a bust, but at least my team didn’t draft a slow, white running back in the first round!

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