Suck It Cleveland!

Can I just say, AH HA-HA, HA-HA-HA!

Oh, I know what you were thinking!  “Here’s a loser, you know?  A Deadbeat!  Someone the square community won’t give a shit about!”  We come into your building after you’ve been swept away by the Tigers over the weekend and you’re thinking that you can make up some serious ground by pounding the shit out of the Seattle Mariners over 4 games.

Sorry, Jack!  Not this time!  Now you’re 6.5 games behind Detroit and you’re lucky we don’t play them anymore because we’re feeling so good about ourselves that we might just roll over and die for them just so the Indians continue to fail at life by missing the playoffs!

Man, I never thought I could feel this good after a series in Cleveland.  I CERTAINLY never thought I could feel this good after they hit a 3-run homer off of Brandon League in the 9th (by a guy we traded to them for a sack of magic beans, no less) to cost us game 2.  But, here we are, a series winner.  Here we are with wins against the Indians for the first time all season!

And look at how we did it!  9 runs today, 12 runs yesterday in game 2, another 5 runs yesterday in game 1.  In the series, we scored 29 runs in 4 games.  That might be “just another series” to the Yankees and Red Sox, but this is a big deal for Seattle!  As long as San Francisco scores less than 8 runs tonight, we will finally climb out of the cellar in the “Runs Scored” department.  We finally won’t be dead last in all of baseball!!!

It’s nothing short of breathtaking.  For these four days, we got to go back into a time-warp.  This was like watching the Mariners of the late 90s.  Lots of extra base hits, runs scored in bunches, flashing some mighty glove at times and flashing some terrible glove at others, and lots and lots of bullpen issues.  I never thought I could be nostalgic for the late 90s, but after watching this Mariners offense over the last 3 or 4 years, this was most definitely a sight for sore eyes.

I’m off for the weekend on another camping trip, so I won’t get to see much (if any) of the White Sox series, but I hope I get to write a similar post come Sunday night.

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