Kelly Jennings Is Gone

Nobody pinch me!  If this is a dream, I never want to wake up!

According to my favorite person of today, Kelly Jennings has been traded to Cincinnati for a guy who’s 297 pounds and 6’2 named Clinton McDonald.  By my calculations, that already makes Mr. McDonald a better cover-corner than Kelly Jennings (HI-YO!)

This is good news all around.  Mostly because I hate Kelly Jennings, and I feel that hate is wasted on a guy whose days are numbered.  At this point, I just want to focus all of my hate on Tarvar.  Because you know my rule:  there is ALWAYS at least one guy on your favorite team who you can’t stand because he sucks uncontrollably.  Kelly Jennings would just be wasted effort.  This season is going down the tank because of our Quarterback; time to start focusing on that.

So long Tim Ruskell Draft Pick.  You were created by the mind of an imbecile, and not in that awesome St. Elsewhere type way either.

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