The Seahawks Have Changed Relatively Little In The Last Week; Will Suck Tonight

Of course, now that I say that, watch the first-team offense go out and dominate.

It’s the final preseason game, so really, who gives a shit?  At this point, I don’t care what I see tonight, so long as some of my favorite players (Red Bryant, Brandon Mebane, Earl Thomas, Leon Washington, Mike Williams, Max Unger) don’t get injured.  Beyond that, I really don’t give a flying fuck.

It would be NICE if the first-team offense could score a touchdown, but that’s not really a high priority.  At the very least, I’d like to see them do some good things so Pete Carroll doesn’t leave them out there until they’re finally moving the ball against third-teamers.  I mean, on the one hand, I understand that they want to get them extra work because there hasn’t really been an offseason to speak of.  On the other hand, though, isn’t it fucking embarrassing that you have to leave your first-team offense on the field until the middle of the fourth fucking quarter of a preseason game before they’re able to get into the endzone?  Do you REALLY want to be demoralizing your starting guys like this?  Just a thought.

You know what I actually want to see, aside from the non-injury stuff?  I’d like to see Josh Portis get some quality reps and watch him run around with the ball a little bit.  Wouldn’t that be something?  Get to see a little excitement, even if it is in a preseason game?

Boy, I gotta tell ya, from what I’ve seen in the e-mails at work this week, with everyone selling their tickets at a discount, I’m not expecting a whole lotta fans for this home game.  Why is it that EVERY FUCKING YEAR we get stuck hosting the 4th and final preseason game?  Couldn’t we, just once, get to host the 3rd game?  When maybe there’d be a smidgen of fan interest?

Ahh, who cares.  Go Dawgs!

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