Huskies Dodge A Division II-Sized Bullet

So, here’s how this normally goes down:  I go to the tailgate, I drink a lot of beer, play a lot of beer pong, pee a lot of times.  Then, as it comes time to head down to the game, I find one of these fine, enterprising gentlemen with tickets to sell me one at below-cost.

Except on Saturday, I don’t know WHAT happened!  There weren’t NEARLY as many sellers as there had been in seasons past, and they didn’t have NEARLY as many tickets as they normally do.  Maybe it was a result of the fact we were playing the Eastern Washington Eagles (as opposed to a real team), maybe it was because it’s Labor Day Weekend and there wasn’t much of a crowd expected, but whatever.  Tickets were a tough go.  At the door, they were selling them for $65, which is fucking ridiculous.  I finally had to settle for $50 seats – which I could’ve gotten a half hour prior, if I wasn’t CONVINCED I could find them for cheaper – which meant I missed about the first 7 or 8 minutes of the game.

It was 7-7 when I found my spot to stand and from there it was a MUCH more exciting game than I ever envisioned.  The Dawgs couldn’t stop this team through the air.  10 for 16 on third downs, 2 for 4 on fourth downs.  These are opportunities for the Huskies to get off the field and time and time again they failed.  The line got zero pressure on the quarterback, the linebackers were all over the place getting beat on coverage, and we were missing Quinton Richardson, so our secondary struggled.

We had FOUR turnovers from them, and they still took us to the brink.  If it wasn’t for that final interception from Desmond Trufant – a Pac-12 Defensive Player Of The Week Interception, I might add – I have no doubt that we were going to lose that game.  They just had the feel of a team on a roll at the end of a game and they weren’t going to be stopped.

On offense, we looked about as vanilla as vanilla gets.  But, you know what?  Vanilla is better than nothing, and we needed every ounce of it to outscore those Eagles.  Chris Polk played and was pretty much our savior with some power running against a team that couldn’t handle him.  125 yards on 23 carries for a guy who just a few weeks ago had surgery on his knee; that’s fucking amazing!

Keith Price looked okay, but he could’ve looked better.  A couple of critical drops helped in keeping this game from being the blowout it deserved to be.  Also, our O-Line had Price on the run quite a bit (against, again, a team that had no business harassing our quarterback).

Kasen Williams looked good even though his numbers didn’t necessarily play the part.  We gotta figure out a way to get Austin Seferian-Jenkins the ball more because 1 catch for 10 yards is pretty pathetic.  Against a Division II school, we should’ve been forcing the ball to ASJ against their smaller linebackers on a regular basis!

Finally, big ups to Erik Folk for his Special Teams Player Of The Week award.  Three field goals (all 40 yards +) and each was bigger than the last.  Here’s to hoping we figure out a way to repeat this against Hawaii next week; because basically we’re looking at the exact same team two weeks in a row.

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