The Seahawks Are The Most Disappointing Fantasy Team In Football

Obviously, I’m not going to say they’re the WORST team.  Cincinnati, Washington, and Buffalo might prove to be worse (unless they develop some semblance of a running game while the Seahawks continue to spin their wheels).  But, certainly the Seahawks are a huge disappointment.

Of course, it all stems from the same fucking thing we’ve been talking about for the last month (GOD when are the games going to start already??), the quarterback and the offensive line.

Because, let’s face it, we’ve GOT skill players.  In any right-thinking fantasy football league, Sidney Rice would likely go anywhere in the early to mid rounds.  In my league, Sidney Rice fell to the first pick of the 14th round (in a 10-team league).  139 players went before Sidney Rice!  That’s insane!  There were only 15 rounds in our draft; he almost went straight to the Free Agency Dump Heap!

But, honestly though, can you blame us for letting him fall?  Who out there sees Sidney Rice – as talented as he is – being a starting-caliber wide receiver for your fantasy football team (unless you’re in some ridiculous league where you start 40 players and have 15 teams duking it out in an exercise in masturbation)?  Again, if you’re in a 10-team league that starts 2 wide outs & a flex, who’s going to start Rice unless it’s an absolute BYE-week emergency?  He used to be a stud; now he’s a Seahawk.

Marshawn Lynch is a starting running back for a professional football team.  He’s going to get the bulk of the carries for a team that has publicly dedicated itself to running the football.  In my league, Beastmode went #2 in the 13th round.  A whopping 121 players went before the guy who made the single-greatest play in Seahawks history last winter against New Orleans!  He’s going to get ALL the goalline carries (provided he’s healthy), so you’d think touchdowns would be a-comin’.

But, who among you has any confidence that Lynch will ever catch wind of a goalline?  Can this offense even get the ball NEAR the red zone enough to make Lynch a quality play?  This is a running back in the prime of his career!  And yet, guys like Thomas Jones, Michael Bush, Pierre Thomas, C.J. Spiller, Roy Helu, Rashad Jennings (before he went on IR), and Mike Tolbert all went before Marshawn Lynch.  Maybe some of those picks were far-fetched and short-sighted, but let me tell you this:  all but one of the people involved in this draft have grown up in the Pacific Northwest (with the other having lived here for the last decade) and all are intimately aware of the Seahawks.  Not even the homerest of homers found it in himself to pick up the starting quarterback for the Seattle Seahawks.

Zach Miller went undrafted.  This is a league where you HAVE to play a tight end and you even have the option to play a second.  A guy who made the Pro Bowl with the Raiders couldn’t get picked up.  12 tight ends were drafted, but there wasn’t any room for Zach.

I don’t even have to really get into this, but I will.  In a 10-team league (where we feature the 2-QB system), 28 starting quarterbacks are currently on rosters.  Those not on a team:  Rex Grossman, Andy Dalton, Alex Smith, and … Tarvaris Jackson.  That’s … that’s some elite company he’s holding.  YOUR Seahawks starting quarterback, everybody!  Even worse than Cam Newton!

I could go on.  Mike Williams wasn’t picked up, even though it’s a points per reception league.  Leon Washington never had a prayer even though it looks like he’ll get some 3rd down touches out of the backfield and in the passing game (plus the return yards we count).  The defense was left behind, even though it features some quality players who had big years last year.  That just boils down to nobody having faith in the offense, so why would you want to start an overworked defense that’s likely to get scored on at will?

Look, there’s talent on this team!  Under normal circumstances (with a more-experienced line, and a better QB), these players would be picked higher (or, in the case of some, picked period)!  We have more individual talent than a handful of other teams in the league (maybe even more than a handful); but as a team, nobody’s going to buy into these Seahawks until they prove on the field that they’re not as Gawd-awful as we all assume they’ll be.

In the meantime, there’s a lot of squandered fantasy talent out there.  Making this blog post Arian Foster’s favorite thing ever.

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