Huskies Throw ‘Bows On The Warriors

With this being a 12:30 game, us tailgaters had to get to Padelford powerful early.  So, I set my alarm for 6am and caught a ride with friends to get there by 7am.

Word to the wise, they’re cracking down hardcore on the tailgaters.  All parking spaces must have a vehicle; so there’s no spreading out with your tents and tables and whathaveyou.  They will issue you tickets; don’t say I never did nothin’ for ya.

This game was awesome from the start.  A little over a minute into the game, the Huskies went right down field for a touchdown.  3 plays, 79 yards, and just like that the rout was on!  Our defense forced a fumble, a punt, and a turnover on downs.  Our offense scored on two more long drives (95 & 81 yards) to take a 21-0 lead.  That first quarter couldn’t have been more dominating.

Things slowed down considerably in the 2nd quarter.  Hawaii scored a touchdown, then took an interception back for another touchdown and a 7-point deficit.  Even at this point, when it was only a 1-score game, I had no fear that the Huskies were going to blow it.  In fact, right there I called a touchdown on the subsequent drive (which came true, giving us a 14-point lead going into halftime).

With the way we moved the ball on their swiss cheese defense, there was no WAY they were going to overtake us!  I thought the offense looked remarkable yesterday.  Keith Price was zipping the ball up and down the field, Devin Aguilar was a force to be reckoned with, Chris Polk was steady & effective, and Sark’s playcalling was nearly flawless.  Everything about the offense just plain worked.

Once again, you could say the defense struggled, but look at it this way:  in the first quarter, our defense dominated.  With a 21-point lead, the dynamic of the game changed dramatically.  You’re not going to play the same defense with a 21-point lead as you would in a tie game.  I’m sure we were a little looser in our coverage; I’m sure we let off the gas a little bit.

Nevertheless, we forced two more turnovers, and hell, we blocked TWO extra points (one of them returned for an extra 2 points for us).

I think we’ll know even more about this team – and especially this defense – after next week.  Obviously, Nebraska is the biggest test of the season.  At least our offense looks up to the task of keeping things interesting.

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