Seahawks Give Up Millions Of Return Yards, Lose To 49ers

Pretty shoddy play by both offenses this afternoon.  San Fran only converted one 3rd down and the Seahawks weren’t that much better.  At halftime, the score was 16-0 and this was officially the most boring game in the NFL.

But, then something interesting happened.  Seattle figured out how to move the ball against this team.  After forcing a 49er punt to lead off the second half, the Seahawks moved 56 yards on 9 plays, culminating on Golden Tate’s 8-yard touchdown catch.

After trading field goals, the Seahawks connected in a big way with a 55-yard touchdown to Doug Baldwin that was almost all YAC.  Of course, right after that, our special teams completely fell apart (2 return touchdowns from Ted Ginn, Jr., one on the subsequent kickoff and the next off of a punt), but it says something to me that these Seahawks managed three full scoring drives.

Maybe we DON’T have the single worst offense in the NFL.  Maybe we CAN surprise some teams.  Look, I’m not reading anything into this that wasn’t there; this is a 49er team that’s not very good.  But, their defense generally grades out pretty well (especially when compared to the rest of the NFC West), so the fact that we did anything at all is kind of impressive.

The Seahawks’ offense are the Special Olympians of the NFL.

I’m not going to sit here and praise them all night, though.  Tarvar missed two guys who had a step on their defenders for potential big touchdowns.  The offensive line ensured that when Tarvar wasn’t overthrowing open receivers, he was under duress for most of the game.  AND, we couldn’t even rush the ball (averaging 2.9 yards on 22 attempts), which is supposed to be what this offensive line does best.

On the defensive side, they looked pretty impressive, but again let me reiterate:  49ers.  What’s even more impressive about our defensive output is the fact that we did it with no turnovers, no sacks, and only 1 QB hit.  We were just solid – especially off of turnovers when we held them to mostly field goals – until we weren’t because the offense kept them on the field too long.

Overall, I was marginally impressed with the Seahawks today.  Just the fact that we got to within 2 points of a team that had far-and-away outplayed us in the first half is pretty amazing.  Of course, the fact that we then shit the bed thanks to our special teams is pretty appalling.

Seahawks Player Of The Game:  Doug Baldwin, far and away, was the best receiver on the field today.  4 catches, 83 yards and a TD.  This is a guy who went undrafted out of college this year.  He’s going to be a good one.

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