You’ve Got To Be Joking Me: Mariners 30th In Runs Scored Again

So, okay, it’s probably not that much of a shocker that the Mariners are 30th in runs scored again.  After all, Mariners.  We’ve been neck-&-neck with San Francisco for the last few weeks now – they get the lead, hold it for a while, then we get the lead right back (define “lead” however you want) – but I just checked this morning, and you wouldn’t BELIEVE the total!

Mariners – 511 runs (okay, so that’s believable)
Giants – 523 runs … WHAT?

Wha happon??  I mean, I know I’m supposed to be tracking these things on a daily basis, and sometimes I neglect it because I’m doing better, non-Internet related things, but there’s no WAY I could’ve missed a spike that huge!  I just checked the standings, like, two days ago!

Well, dig, those sneaky fucking Giants brought out the big-boy bats while I was otherwise occupied (read:  drinking heavily) and scored a whopping 8 runs on Thursday, followed by another 9 runs yesterday, to effectively seal the fucking deal on the Mariners remaining in 30th place in runs scored.

I’m not gonna lie to you, this one hurts.  Yeah, it’s nice to be under 100 losses, but to also NOT be 30th in runs scored (the deciding factor in our being such a high-loss team) would’ve been something to hang our hats on.  Granted, it wouldn’t have been the best thing to hang one’s hat on – likely it would’ve been barbed, rusty, with spiders crawling all over it – but STILL!

Fuck those Giants; I’m GLAD you’re not going back to the playoffs this year after your fluke World Series win.  Stop giving hope to fans like myself with your light-hitting, pennant-winning ways!

Anyway, I just wanted to get that out.  Mostly because I couldn’t sleep because of the Husky game this afternoon.  Something tells me I won’t have trouble sleeping tonight in anticipation of the Steelers/Seahawks game tomorrow …

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