Seahawks Get Thumped By Steelers, I Win My Fantasy Game

Unless, God forbid, my opponent’s kicker scores 20 points tonight against the Giants.

I’m not gonna lie to you, as soon as I saw that the Titans game was going to be televised at the same time, I relegated the Seahawks game to the little TV with the sound off (switching back only temporarily, when the other game was in commercial).  If you’re like me, or if you just missed the whole game entirely, you didn’t miss much.  I guess the most-exciting thing I missed was Aaron Curry dropping an interception that would’ve been a sure TD.

THAT would’ve pissed me off if it turned out to be our only points of the game (what with me having Pittsburgh’s defense on my Fantasy team and everything).

Really, was anybody all that shocked by the result of this game?  REALLY?  That’s why I can’t fathom why any Seahawks fan would be angry specifically BECAUSE of this game.  Were we bad?  Of COURSE we were bad!  They played a vanilla defense and didn’t let us get past midfield until late in the game!  They likewise played a vanilla offense (running the ball WAY more than I ever remember seeing from them in the Roethlisberger era) and still scored 24 points (when the obviously could’ve scored more).  Our defense was on the field almost twice as long (meaning we were twice as tired as them), so yeah, they could’ve made this more of a blowout than it was.

As far as bright spots, there is literally NOTHING about the offense to write home about.  If things remain, this will be the worst offense we’ve seen since 1992 (and this won’t be the first shutout of the season).

On defense, at least we can hang our hats on that goalline stand.  We’re just as stout against the run as ever (so long as the offense doesn’t let the other team stay on the field for 38+ minutes).  Our secondary is a little suspect, but then again our pressure against the quarterback is a little suspect, so what are you gonna do?

We’re right on track for a 2-14 season.  One update:  Washington, Cincinnati, and Carolina are all better than I thought they’d be (seriously Cam Newton?  I’ve got like 10 helpings of crow on my plate here!).  On the downside, Jacksonville and Indy are both much MUCH worse.  Still, gotta like our chances.  Arizona can TOTALLY beat us next week.

Andrew Luck will be mine.  OH YES.  He will be mine.

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