Crown Their Ass: The Arizona Cardinals

Look, if you put baby into the corner, I’d have to say my gut is telling me the Seahawks are going to win this game.  It’s essentially a battle of a really bad offense (Seahawks) vs. a really bad defense (Cardinals) and a pretty good offense (Cardinals) vs. a pretty good defense (Seahawks).

Essentially, that makes all things even, and with all things even you have to give the edge to the home team (especially when the home team has the kind of home field advantage most other teams can only dream about).

This kind of sickens me, because I’m really COUNTING on this Number 1 pick this year!  I’m essentially basing everything I am on the Seahawks getting Andrew Luck, then riding Luck all the way to Super Bowl glory in about 5 years.  You want a 5-year plan?  That’s it in a nutshell right there!  The Seahawks winning on Sunday essentially takes a hammer to that nutshell and smashes it into a billion pieces.

So, I have to look a little more closely:  are the Cardinals as bad as they look on defense?  Or did they run into a couple of buzzsaws?

Honestly, Carolina KINDA looks like the real deal (in that they’re a bad team that will probably shock a few good teams every now and then).  But still, 400 yards passing?  To a rookie QB (even if he IS the number 1 overall pick, absolutely no one saw this coming) … that’s not saying much for Arizona’s D.

As for Opponent #2, Washington was at home, and they already beat the Giants … but come on, REALLY?  They almost let Rex Freakin’ Grossman throw for 300 yards!  Granted, they picked him twice, but still!

The Cards have given up over 450 total yards each to their first two foes!  Carolina did that mostly through the air; Washington was much more balanced (with 172 coming on the ground).  I know the Seahawks are bad, but I can’t believe they’re worse than what Arizona is throwing out there!

The key will be:  do the Seahawks continue with this max-protect scheme they adopted against the Steelers?  Or do they let the tight ends go out on pass-catching routes?  Will Darrell Bevell open up the playbook?  Or will we continue to play Not To Lose?

My Suck For Luck side hopes we keep things nice and tight on offense.  But, I just don’t see how they can afford to do that, especially with how the media (both print and radio) has been killing them this week.

The Seahawks won’t run over Arizona by any means, but I could see a double-digit lead in the fourth quarter, with the Cards getting a late score to make things interesting.  Ultimately, I’m seeing the Seahawks do just enough to get the job done.

And if they don’t?  Or if Arizona’s D finally wakes up from their season-long slumber?  Well, then maybe we really CAN crown their ass!  Arizona has as good a chance as anyone to win this pisspoor NFC West.  Let’s see if they can grab the bull by the horns this Sunday (and thereby inadvertently help in shooting themselves in the foot by getting us one step closer to Andrew Luck).

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