Huskies Pretty Much Look Like I Thought They Would

Look, if you went out and sold your children to bet the over on this game, I’m sorry.  I think.  54 points feels to me like it would be a hair under the Over/Under for this game (I’m not gonna lie to you, I didn’t actually check online to see what the number was).  But, on the bright side, odds are your children are with a better family who won’t sell them to make a crazy bet on a random Pac-12 football game.

Anyway, let’s go over what I predicted for this game.  I said something to the effect that their defense couldn’t stop us.  That was MOSTLY true.  They did force a couple fumbles, but other than that, the Huskies pretty much had their way with the Bears.  Our three first half touchdown drives felt so easy, so fluid, that I don’t know if the best defense in the nation could’ve stopped us.  After getting a 21-10 lead, they settled down – especially against the run, giving us only 117 yards all game – and made this game pretty much as interesting as I thought it’d be.

I also predicted that our defense would do JUST enough to give the good guys a W.  Well, we didn’t get any turnovers, and I don’t remember a whole lotta sacks, but they DID force Cal into 3 field goals.  And, of course, there was that final goalline stand to seal the deal.

Yeah, it was the usual bend-don’t-break Huskies on defense, but it CERTAINLY didn’t look like it would be after Cal’s first drive.  A 90 yard touchdown pass on 3rd down, are you kidding me?  That looked like the beginning of a VERY long day.  But, give the Dawgs credit, they held Cal to 3 points in the entire second half.  Remember how they used to do that with regularity in the last month of last season?  Because I do.  I remember it well and am glad to have it back in our lives.

To run through the rest, I predicted a single-digit victory (check), I predicted it would get hairy at the end (check), and I predicted we would stop them when it counts (check).  They didn’t even NEED to play this game!  We could’ve just referred them to my preview last week and saved ourselves a few hours on Saturday!

In conclusion, Keith Price is a stud.  That was a sick touchdown pass to Chris Polk.  And Cort Dennison is Hard As a Motherfucker.  Go Dawgs, kick those Ute asses next week!

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