The Huskies Bring Their Secular Ways Into Utah This Weekend

I’m not gonna lie to you, I know pretty much nothing about Utah.  The word that comes to mind about them is “good”.  Utah is good.  Obviously, they’re not great, otherwise they’d be ranked and they wouldn’t have lost to USC.  But, you know what?  They went into BYU and kicked their shit in.  A BYU team that I can’t imagine is any worse than last year’s BYU team that took care of business against the Huskies.

Just sayin’.

I’m not here to go crazy and whip up a shit-storm of anxiety like this was the week leading up to Nebraska.  I know this team isn’t perfect and likely won’t ever be the rest of the season.  But, you know what?  I’m content.  The Huskies have done everything I envisioned they would do – and nothing more – in their first four weeks, so I’m happy.

We’re 3-1.  As we SHOULD be.  We’re halfway to a bowl game, and at this point, with this offense, I can’t imagine we’ll fall short of our goal.  So, if we lose in Utah this weekend, it’s not the biggest deal in the world.

That isn’t to say that I don’t CARE.  Of course I care!  I want nothing more than to sit down on Saturday afternoon and watch us kick their teeth in by 40 points!  I want a nice, relaxing blowout victory for the Huskies of Washington.

But, it’s not like this is life or death or anything.  We’re going into a place that’s historically a tough win for the road team.  Since the beginning of the 2007 season, the Utes have lost exactly twice at home (once to Air Force in their ’07 home opener, then not again until the first weekend in November in 2010 when they lost to then-number 3 TCU).  They are 23-2 in their last 25 home games.  Granted, they weren’t exactly playing the meanest teams in their creampuff erstwhile conference, but still, that’s pretty impressive.

I honestly don’t know what to expect.  Someone on the radio said they’re one of the most physical teams we will play all season.  Their defense is in the top 15 in college football, and their offense doesn’t look too bad either.  I would be worried if I thought the Huskies have a chance, but since I don’t actually know anything about Utah except what other people tell me (and what websites say are their stats), I don’t know what to expect here!  It wouldn’t surprise me if the Huskies blew them out, it wouldn’t surprise me if the Huskies got blown out, and it wouldn’t surprise me if this was a close game determined by the final snap of the football.

Saturday afternoon, for me, is going to be more of a learning experience than anything.  I hold no attachment to Utah, but I also hold no ill-will toward them either.  Saturday will go a long way toward me either despising the Utes with a passion (like I do Oregon and UCLA), or relating to them like I would Wazzu (a mixture of mild contempt with a heavy dose of sympathy for why their students would ever choose to go to such a crappy school).

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