The Seahawks Play The Falcons Again

I honestly don’t know what to think about this game.  Truth be told, before the season, I would’ve made this my Suicide pick special for Week 4.  After the thumping Atlanta gave us last year, there’s no WAY they could lose to a team that’s significantly WORSE than last year, right?

Now, I’m not so sure.  It’s a confusing time to be a Seahawks fan.

The Seahawks have always been two different teams.  There’s the Road Seahawks, who appear to play conservative-style defense (even if that’s not true, it’s what it LOOKS like), who can’t get pressure on the quarterback to save their lives, who are still pretty stout against the run, but will ultimately break down late in the second half as they’ve been on the field for 2/3 of the game.  The Road Seahawks, without question, are dreadful, and worth picking against each and every time.  Darnell Dockett is 100% correct; the Seahawks on the road are indeed soft as cotton.

The Home Seahawks, however, are another story entirely.  It always looks like there are 20 guys out there on defense!  Quarterback pressures, big third down stops, crucial turnovers in the closing minutes!  Everything you would expect from a truly great defense is on display at CenturyLink Field whenever the Seahawks are at home.

Unfortunately for my Week 4 sanity, I’ve only got one home game to refer to.  It was last week’s debacle where, indeed, the Seahawks looked amazing on defense … but was that due to the Seahawks ACTUALLY being amazing, or due to the Cardinals being terrible?

The Falcons are not the Cards.  Granted, they’ve started slowly (1-2 record), but the schedule has been tough.  Loss IN Chicago, win at home vs. Philly where they had to knock Michael Vick out and sweat through their backup’s beginner’s luck, and then a loss IN Tampa, who’s looking more and more like the playoff team I predicted they’d be.

The Falcons are still good.  But, there are cracks in the armor.  They’ve given up a lot of quarterback hits, sacks, & pressures.  Matt Ryan doesn’t look comfortable out there whatsoever (guess I dodged a bullet by having him taken in our fantasy draft before I could grab him).  Trading away all their draft picks to get a wide receiver seems to have provided the kind of karmic negativity that can only go to an on-the-rise team with too much confidence in their own abilities.

Can Seattle attack a quarterback whose offensive line is giving him fits?  Of course they can!  Can Seattle score on Atlanta’s defense, which in itself isn’t all that impressive anyway?  I dunno, probably!  Are we in store for another ugly 13-10 type game?  It wouldn’t surprise me, all right!

Look, in my heart of hearts (and this isn’t my homerism coming in with its Suck For Luck leanings clouding my judgment), I don’t see how the Seahawks win this game this Sunday.  Atlanta, ultimately, is too talented on offense (wheras the Seahawks are ultimately too inept).  I see Atlanta getting a lead in the fourth quarter and I see the Seahawks this time failing in their quest to mount a comeback.

But, I’ve been wrong before.

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