Seahawks Lose A Surprisingly Fun-To-Watch Game

I’m not gonna lie to you, I found myself cheering on the home team as things started to get exciting.

I KNOW, I know.  I’ve been on here pounding my fist against the podium for the Suck For Luck express, but like I’ve said before:  it’s hard to go against your natural instincts when you’re in the moment!

The Seahawks were down 27-7 early in the third quarter; the universe was at one.  Everything was right in the world, the Seahawks were well on their way to an embarrassing home loss (one that would SURELY lead to an eventual BYE-week switch at quarterback).

Then, the Seahawks went to a no-huddle-ish offense and we started to pour it on!  27-14, followed by an Atlanta punt, followed by what should’ve been 27-21 (but instead was an interception in the endzone), followed by a punt, followed by a punt return down to the 11 yard line, followed by 27-21 for reals this time, followed by 30-21, followed by 30-28, followed by a clock-killing drive which led to a punt, followed by a missed field goal with 8 seconds remaining.

Now THAT is a half of football to write home about!

What this game essentially served to prove is that the Falcons aren’t NEARLY as good as they were last year (making my Super Bowl prediction look like total shit); and that the Seahawks aren’t NEARLY bad enough to get the Number 1 pick.  If I had to pick a percentage, I’d say we have a 3% chance of having the worst record in the NFL.  Yeah, 1-3 looks good on paper (so will 1-4 when we get stomped on in New York next week), but some of these teams we play this season are totally beat-able!

Anyway, I don’t think you’re allowed to talk about this game unless you talk about Pete Carroll’s decision to go for a 61-yard field goal.  I don’t know if this is the Suck For Luck-ness talking, but I don’t mind the call.  Maybe I would feel differently if I thought this team was a playoff contender, but I guess that’s kind of the point.

For as good as Tarvar was yesterday – and I will readily admit that and tip my cap to him for his 300-yard passing day – I STILL don’t trust him with the football on an all-or-nothing 4th down and 8 yards to go.  I mean to the point that I’m willing to trust a newb kicker from 61 yards out when his career long is something like 54 yards (and I’m pretty sure THAT was in Denver, where the air is as thin as my hairline).

I like the aggressiveness!  I want to KNOW if my kicker can hit a pressure-packed 61-yarder to win the game!  You’ll never know what you have in someone unless you give them a chance to win you the ballgame.  I already DO know what Tarvar can do; I’d like to know what Steven Hauschka can do now, before the forthcoming seasons where the games might actually matter a little bit more.

Yeah, the odds were probably against us in going for that field goal instead of the first down.  But, do you know how pissed off I would’ve been yesterday if Tarvar threw a check-down that only got us 5 of the 8 yards we needed?  I can’t stand it when a team doesn’t give themselves the chance to score, only to fail when they try to get a little bit closer.  I’ll take that decision to go for the win right there every single time.

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  1. Although I would love to have Luck as our quarterback, I doubt we will get the first pick. First, we play in the NFC West which honestly sucks so I have to think we will win a couple games there. Secondly, I feel that other teams like Miami and Jacksonville suck worst than the Seahawks. Miami even plays in one of the more tougher division so I have to think they won’t win many games.

    With all that said here are my back up options if we are not lucky enough to get Luck.

    1. Landry Jones – Oklahoma (That game against Florida State had me a little bit worried. Well the second half anyways. He showed that he could get rattled and start to panic when he gets pressured.)
    2. Nick Foles – Arizona (He jumped up my list because of the way he showed his toughness when he was getting pounded every week so far against really strong teams. Plus he still threw very good and I blame some of his Wide Receivers for dropping the ball in a lot of their games.)
    3. Kellen Moore – Boise State (He would probably number two for me but he plays against weaker teams so his stats are a little overrated for me but I still see potential.)
    4. Matt Barkley – USC (I don’t like him but he is still a good quarterback. I can’t get this feeling that he is much like Lienart and a little bit of Sanchez. Potential but could be a disappointment in the league.)
    5. Russell Wilson – Wisconsin (He can play. Still a little bit raw. Probably needs more coaching.)

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