Washington Dominates Utah, In Excellent Shape Going Into BYE

I know I said before that I didn’t know what to expect out of this game, but I’m pretty sure I didn’t actually expect THAT.

You know, all this winning and success feels good; I think I could get used to this!

I can’t even BEGIN to express how great it feels to be 4-1 right now.  For a team that has spent most of the past decade not being worth a damn, 4-1 feels like getting away with murder!  It literally feels like being really mad at someone, killing them, and then being acquitted.  The Washington Huskies are playing God right now; right now, we’re smiting the hell out of our enemies.

Two more wins until we’re bowl-eligible, is what I’m getting at.  In two weeks, we’ll play our “Taking Candy From A Baby” game, at home, against Colorado; and, of course, later in the season we go to Oregon State to kick some serious sand in the face of their 95-pound weakling.  That’s it!  That is THE bare minimum of easy games we have to win to go to a bowl game this year.

But, like the greedy fat kid in the house of pies, I want more, More, MORE!!!

Did you know the Huskies could play defense like that?  I’m not saying I’m one of those guys who wanted Nick Holt’s head on a stick after the first three weeks; I was pretty confident he’d end up righting the ship before the end of the season.  But, I don’t think I expected it this soon, or indeed on the road in a hostile environment.  Not that Utah has the greatest offense in the world or anything, but we held them to 7 points before the very end of the game (where they got a second, cheap TD)!  We forced 5 turnovers!  We held them to 17 yards rushing!!!

Meanwhile, against what was supposed to be a very-good defense (especially their front-seven), we gained 411 total yards.  Chris Polk, all by his lonesome, had 189 yards all on the ground (on a 6.5 yards per carry average).  I’m not gonna lie to you, that’s about as dominating as it gets.  Even more impressive is that all but (something like) 40 of those yards were in the second half.  Outstanding!

It’s a little early to be talking about these things, but we’re as good as 28th in the AP Poll and 31st in the Coaches Poll.

Also, we’re 2-0 in the Pac-12.  In the North Division, that puts us tied with Stanford, who we play 3 Saturdays from today (which, FYI, is a game I will be attending).  It would be a tremendous upset if things changed at the top of the division this week (Stanford hosts Colorado, Oregon hosts Cal), but this might be a good spot for the Cougars to lose a conference game (they go to the somewhat hapless Bruins of UCLA).

This BYE week couldn’t be coming at a better time, either.  It’ll be nice to see Keith Price rest those knees.  And for Cort Dennison to rest whatever it is he needs to rest.  And it’ll be nice to have Chris Polk that much stronger for the stretch run.

Seven games to go.

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