The Seahawks Will Lose To The New York Football Giants

I’ve never been so sure about something since the Seahawks were in Pittsburgh three weeks ago.

While that’s just a given, I think I’m going to start this one out talking about the State of the Seahawks.  I think I’m ready to take a step down from the ledge on this Suck For Luck thing.  Oh, I’m still going to root like crazy for the Seahawks to get the Number 1 pick (because I think that’s the only way we will ever right this ship to the point where we make it back to a Super Bowl and WIN it this time), but I just don’t see how it’s going to happen.

One thing I can count on, though?  We’re PROBABLY going to lose all of our road games.  I’m not going to make that a total guarantee because in two weeks we go to Cleveland (which is a team much worse than most people thought coming into the season), and in week 17 we play in Arizona (and you never know what can happen between now and week 17).  But, the other road games are:  NY Giants, Dallas, St. Louis, and Chicago (in December).  I’m pretty confident that ALL of those games will fall in the L column.

That just leaves the remaining games at CenturyLink.  At this point, I’m only ready to write off the Baltimore and Philly games as sure-bet losses.  As for the rest?  Cincy, Washington, St. Louis, and San Fran.  GOD, you can’t tell me we’re going to do what we NEED to do, which is LOSE all of those games!  Those teams are TERRIBLE.

You know, I’ve loved being in the NFC west ever since we started our string of division titles, but it’s REALLY starting to be a liability now, when I most want us to lose!

What’s complicating things, as I’ve written before, is the fact that these Seahawks aren’t as bad as I want them to be.  Tarvar may never lead a team to the Promised Land, but as a Game Manager he plays pretty much like every other Game Manager I’ve ever seen:  avoids turnovers for the most part, fails to move the offense with any kind of consistency, but does JUST enough to keep you in ballgames.  With a better supporting cast, I might even believe Tarvar could lead us to a .500 record!  Of course, that’ll never happen, so whatever.

Tomorrow’s game isn’t going to be pretty.  I really do think the Giants are going to kick our shit in.  All I know is, they’re my Suicide Pool pick of the week.  That’s all that needs to be said.

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