Aaron Curry: The End of the End

The beginning, the middle, and now here’s the end.  The good, the bad, and the ugly.

Can’t say as I’m surprised by this turn of events.  Of course, that doesn’t make it any easier to take.

As a fan, you tie your biggest hopes around your team’s high draft choices.  Those are the guys who are SUPPOSED to be good.  And, if you’re drafting high enough (as the Seahawks did in 2009), that generally means your team is really bad and you NEED those players to be good.  Really good.  Pro Bowl good.

Personally, I like a guy who’s got crazy talent but hasn’t yet put it together.  You’ll see that a lot with pitching prospects:  guys who are all over the place in the strike zone, but who throw in the upper 90s with lots of natural movement.  There are guys who are just once-in-a-lifetime phenoms (like, say, Peyton Manning or Tim Lincecum); there are guys who have talent, but it takes them a while to put it all together (Randy Johnson, Shawn Kemp); there are guys who aren’t quite so talented and/or are undersized, but they’re smart and hard workers and they put every ounce of who they are into being the best they can be (Jamie Moyer, Zach Thomas); there are guys who have talent, but they’re just too dumb or lazy or unwilling to do what it takes to be the best they can be (Ryan Leaf, Brian Bosworth); and then there’s everyone else, they’re just average.

I always held out hope that Aaron Curry would be one of those super-talented, freakish athletes who would eventually figure it all out, have everything click, and start dominating like he was always supposed to.  Part of me thinks he never got a fair shake, what with the coaching turnover and player turnover.  Part of me thinks he’s been misused this whole time and if we only had a competent defensive coordinator, we’d really have something here.

But, the other part of me thinks that it shouldn’t take this long.  The linebacker particularly isn’t particularly hard (compared to other positions on the football field); linebackers are a dime a dozen!  If a team can take a 4th round rookie and make him a starting NFL linebacker in 1 month’s time, then there HAS to be something wrong with the #4 overall pick who’s had well over 2 years to figure it the fuck out.

On the one hand, I feel bad.  I wanted so desperately for it to work out for the Seahawks and Aaron Curry.  I wanted him to end up as one of my favorite Seahawks of all time.  To be a Ring of Honor candidate sometime.

On the other hand, good for him.  I hate the Raiders, but I hope he’s able to do some good for them.  Rattle some cages.  Make a name for himself.  Put himself in that group of players who DO figure it the fuck out eventually.

In return, it sounds like we’re getting a 7th round pick next year and a mid-round pick in 2013.  Whatever.  It’s all a crapshoot, but with the way Carroll and Schneider evaluate talent, they might actually turn this trade into a huge win for us!  Or not.

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