Surging Huskies Ready To Look Past Colorado Tomorrow

Actually, I kinda hope that’s not true.  I say “kinda” because, even if we had just spent these past two weeks game-planning exclusively for the upcoming Stanford game on the 22nd, I STILL don’t think Colorado would be able to stop our offense enough to make it a game.

As a fan of Seattle sports teams for my entire life, there always has and always will be a nagging sense of doubt that comes with any game (even the most lopsided-in-our-favor, like the one coming up tomorrow afternoon).  But, I’m not gonna lie to you, tomorrow’s matchup with the Buffaloes has me at my most chest-puffed-out confident.  I literally think it would be MORE difficult to steal a lollipop from an infant’s hands than it will be to score against Colorado.  The Dawgs are going to be walking into the proverbial Monkey Whore House with an entire dumptruck full of bananas … is what I’m trying to convey here.

Although, honestly, if that were the case … that’s just nasty.

The Buffs are giving up, on average, 33 points per game; that’s good for a whopping 100th in all of Division I college football.  And, while the Huskies aren’t all that much better (83rd in football at 29 points per game), it’s not going to matter for shit.  This time tomorrow, I expect to be hoarse from all the cheering, with my hands a dark shade of pink from all the high-fiving I’ll be doing with my drunken brothers and sisters at Husky Stadium.

In other flying-high news, don’t look now, but Keith Price is fucking awesome.  Of course, I don’t need to tell you that, but I will … BECAUSE HE’S FUCKING AWESOME.  68% completion percentage, 1209 yards in 5 games, 17 touchdowns vs. only 4 interceptions.  These are the kinds of numbers that – were he more highly-regarded coming into the season – would see him on the short list for the Heisman Trophy!

The fact that you have to have a name for yourself going into a Heisman campaign is in itself pretty ridiculous, but that’s a topic for another time.  Like, maybe the end of the season when he’s at 34 touchdowns and 8 interceptions as we go for a repeat of our Holiday Bowl mastery.

The future is bright, Dawg fans.  The future is very bright.  So, why don’t you get your asses to Husky Stadium while you still can!  Before they kick us out for a year, renovate the shit out of it, and jack up the prices 50%!

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