The Buffaloes Were No Match

I don’t think there was a way you could’ve spread out the offense more evenly.  This game was an absolute dismantling!  It was like when you first teach your (five years’ younger) brother how to play basketball, then play him one-on-one for the first time.  At first, you just want to show off how much bigger and stronger you are, mostly by repeatedly backing him down and muscling up baby hooks for easy baskets.  Then, when things are firmly in hand, you mess around with some long-range shots, some bounce-passes-to-yourself off of the backboard for lay-ins, dribbling over his head and behind his back as you taunt him, “Try to take the ball from me!”

Yeah, Colorado’s defense was that bad.  I can’t remember the last time the Huskies scored 52 points seemingly without needing to try all that hard.  It was 38-10 at halftime, and with the Huskies coasting for the rest of the game (Nick Montana received significant playing time starting early in the third quarter), we still managed to get another two touchdowns to put the exclamation point at the end of this contest.

But, like I alluded to at the top, we scored 7 touchdowns in this game, by 7 different guys (Callier, Sankey & Kevin Smith on the ground; Polk, Kearse, Aguilar & Seferian-Jenkins through the air).  Four more touchdowns for Keith Price (more on him later this week) gave him 21 on the season (tied for 2nd in all of college football) to go against only 4 interceptions.  Hell, our kicker even got into the fray with a field goal & 7 extra points!

On the flipside, not much to discuss in the way of turnovers or sacks, but we held them to 269 total yards, which is pretty impressive.  The 207 in the air HAS to be a season-low for Nick Holt’s brigade.  Everything came too easy in this game.  You could practically count Colorado as a 2nd BYE week for us in anticipation of the showdown at Stanford next week.

I don’t know if we’re going to win that contest of Pac-12 North Unbeatens, but I do know this:  an automatic loss isn’t as certain as it was even three weeks ago.  I don’t think I will advocate selling off assets to bet the farm on a Husky win, but I will say one thing:  the Huskies are clicking at the right time.

I’ve been pretty confident all along that the Huskies would get better as the season went along, especially with the defense.  That’s partly in reference to last season when, with our backs against the wall, we won three consecutive games and capped the season off with an improbable win against Nebraska where we superbly shut them down.  I don’t know how much weight we should put on 2010 though, because you could say that our schedule got a whole lot easier in those last three games (and, really, by the 4th quarter of the Apple Cup we couldn’t stop the Cougs on offense to save our lives).

Nevertheless, this year the defense IS getting better.  It HAS responded to the challenge set forth by the coaching staff (and the expectations of the fans).  We had two subpar showings the first two games, an outright disaster in Nebraska, but then we followed that up by gamely stopping Cal on their final drive, and we’ve looked pretty great against Utah and Colorado here this weekend.  Is that indicative of our schedule easing up, or of us actually improving to the point where we can be somewhat confident in this defense no matter who we play?

I guess we’ll find out this Saturday, but like I said before, we’re clicking at the exact right time.  I feel that defense is about being confident just as much as it is about talent and scheme.  With the way we’ve been playing of late, that confidence HAS to be there.  I’m sure we’re not so over-confident that we think we’re going to roll into Stanford and shut them down.  But, there needs to be a healthy amount of ego if we have even the slightest hope of winning this game.

If the team goes in there thinking that they have to score 50 points to win, then they’ve already lost.  Now, that’s not to say 50 points won’t be necessary (it very well might), but THEY have to think that they’re going to keep Stanford under 30.  Because it’s not outside the realm of possibility.

I’m going to be a wreck for this game.  Good thing I’ll be there at Stanford Stadium, hopped up on alcohol and talking enough shit to fill Paul Bunyan’s toilet.  Is it ironic or idiotic for a Seattle liberal to go down to Stanford badmouthing their “liberal elite” fanbase?

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