The Seahawks Played Something On Sunday, But I Wouldn’t Call It Football

Look, a 6-3 game deserves a 6-3 recap.  That game on Sunday might have been the worst thing I’ve ever seen!

Here’s the deal, we should’ve won that football game.  Our offense was the football equivalent of what the Mariners put out there for 162 games this year and 162 games last year.  We held them to 6 points!  We held them to under 300 yards!  And we lost!

It’s hard to tell if this offensive line is getting any better at all, considering we’re 31st in the NFL in rushing, but that doesn’t make any difference because teams are just going to load the box and put their secondary on an island.  Because we can’t throw the ball, our receivers can’t get separation, and our running backs can’t hit a hole to save their lives!

Every facet of our offense sucked a dumptruck full of dicks, and that starts right at the top with Charlie Whitehurst.  I wasn’t prepared to cut his ass after getting killed against the Giants last year, and I CERTAINLY wasn’t prepared to anoint his ass after helping defeat the Rams in week 17.  But today?  After THAT monstrocity?  Yeah, I can safely say with 100% certainty that Charlie Whitehurst will never amount to fuck-all in the National Football League.  Send his ass to the CFL where he belongs!  If I never see that guy throw a wobbling fucking duck to one of my receivers, it’ll be too fucking soon.

GOD!  This is exactly what I DIDN’T need!  First the Seahawks sucker me in with their bullshit victory over the Giants, then they lay this steaming fucking turd in Cleveland.  We SHOULD be 3-3, but what good would that do?  Gets us that much closer to 8-8 and a draft pick in the mid-to-low teens.

There’s just enough talent on this team to prevent us from drafting that quarterback we so sorely need.  How many more years are we going to waste?  Who ever would’ve thought I’d be offering my fucking kingdom for Tarvar’s ass to save us?  No fucking way we lose that game yesterday with Tarvar under center.

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