The Huskies Will Play Arizona, Score Points, Have Points Scored On Them, Etc.

Once again, EVERYBODY is bitching about Nick Holt and the Husky defense.  I mean honestly, do you think firing him and bringing in someone else is going to make this defense remarkably better?

Here’s the deal.  People look at this team under Sark and they say, “Look at what one man is capable of in such a short time!”  Three years ago, we were 0-12.  Now we’re 5-2, we’ve got a first year starter at quarterback excelling like you would not believe, we’ve got the toughest running back in the conference, and we’ve got a gaggle of targets to throw the ball to, including a guy who might go down as the greatest tight end this school has ever seen.

People look at all that and they think, “We’ve improved so dramatically on offense … why can’t we improve just as well on defense in the same amount of time?”

Well, I’ll tell you!  First of all, it doesn’t work that way!  Coming out of high school, there are WAY more quality offensive players than there are quality defensive players.  You put an offensive player in the right system and you don’t even need to have 5-star blue chippers to get the job done.  Just get the right type of guys, insert them into your system, and you’ve got an offense you can bring home to mother.

On defense, it’s much more about overall talent than it is “scheme”.  Yes, defenses have schemes, but there aren’t specific types of guys to fit specific schemes.  There are just talented guys and untalented guys.

For example:  you want to have a good D-line?  Well, you need one or two big, beefy, immovable objects in the middle; and you need a couple high-motor, quick and strong guys on the ends.  That’s universal!  3-4, 4-3, it doesn’t matter.  And I know you can look at the Seahawks, look at Red Bryant, and say, “Ha!  you’re wrong!”  Am I?  Red Bryant is one of the most dominant defensive linemen in football!  He’s someone special who you build your entire line around!  You lose him, and instantly your line goes to shit (see:  the Seahawks after Red Bryant was injured in that Oakland game last season).

You need TALENT!  The Huskies lack talent because there isn’t a terribly large amount to draw from in the talent pool.  I think we’re making strides.  Nick Holt isn’t slacking off on the recruiting trail by any means.  But, we’re still forced to start (or regularly play) an inordinate amount of freshmen and sophomores.  We have Alameda Ta’amu, we have Cort Dennison, and to a lesser extent we have Desmond Trufant.  Three quality starters, with 8 other guys who are just trying to win some fucking playing time on the field!

It’s not Nick’s fault that they don’t have the requisite game experience, or the size, or the speed!  It’s somewhat Nick’s fault if they’re unprepared for what the other team’s offense is going to run.  But, you know what?  Experience, size, and speed can go a long way in covering up for any coaching deficiencies.

Yes, Stanford seemingly ran the same running plays over and over again on their way to 65 points.  You know why they succeeded?  Because they’re bigger, faster, and more experienced than us!  It seems like they’ve had the same offensive line for 9 years now!  They could’ve huddled up on the Husky side of the ball and still blown our defense apart!  That’s not Nick’s fault; it’s not ANYBODY’S fault.

It’s just one game.  You’ll notice nobody was talking about Nick Holt’s defense when we were on that winning streak the three weeks prior.  But now, all of these media jackasses come out of the woodwork picking apart those wins as being in spite of the defense.  Really?  Where were you when you were riding high on the Purple & Gold train?  Where was all this skepticism then?

Bunch of overreacting morons.  What is it with the media and their pack mentality?  Have a differing opinion for once in your miserable lives!

This defense isn’t that great.  This defense was embarrassed last Saturday; it probably won’t look too good this Saturday; and I’m sure it’s going to look God-Awful against Oregon the week after that.  But, you know what?  It’s good enough.  More importantly, it’s all that we’ve got.

So get off Nick Holt’s back.  Because when he turns this thing around in the upcoming seasons, you’re going to be the ones looking foolish.  Bunch of old timers with their memories of the glory days.  This isn’t Don James’ defense!  It’s a new day!  You can’t get back to that level in just a couple of recruiting classes.  Not on defense anyway.

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