Happy Halloween: Here’s A Scary-Ass Seahawks Game

Well, I’ll tell ya, that Cincinnati game was one I had tabbed as a sure win going into this season.  Combine that with our performance in that Cleveland game (a game we really should’ve won), and that win over the Giants is looking costlier and costlier for our Suck For Luck chances.  Right now, I’m seeing 2, MAYBE 3 wins the rest of the way.  Of course, that’s subject to change if some of these teams have their suck-a-dick moments (Dallas, Baltimore, Philly, Chicago), but the only games I have any right to be confident about are the home games against Washington and probably St. Louis.  Even then, I dunno.

A game like this is obviously going to have people talking about Andy Dalton and how the Seahawks could’ve had him if they really wanted him at #25.  I don’t know how that would’ve changed the makeup of our draft, but considering we got three potential future starters in the lower rounds (Moffitt, Sherman, and K.J. Wright), I gotta think we could’ve made a pretty decent team without Pancakes Carpenter.  Not that I’m giving up on the guy or anything, but we didn’t HAVE to get two O-linemen as long as we hit it right with Moffitt.

Tough to say, though.  I can’t see Dalton’s upside as being all that huge.  I mean, when people are bandying the name Chad Pennington around, how high can your upside really be?  MAYBE, if you’re lucky, Matt Hasselbeck, but that’s probably as good as Dalton gets.

Of course, people are only going to be talking about him because we went two years without drafting a quarterback even though there was an obvious need.  Andy Dalton didn’t actually WIN this football game.  In fact, let’s be honest, he did quite a bit to try to lose it with those two timely interceptions.

This game was lost because our special teams suck, because Football Jesus sucks, and because we just couldn’t make enough plays on offense when it mattered most.

Drops were killing us left and right yesterday.  Sidney Rice and Zach Miller were fucking terrible!  Penalties were killing us, our tackling on special teams killed us, I mean I can’t get over how ugly we were playing yesterday!  And then, when we finally moved the football a little bit, we had to settle for field goals.

I won’t blame Pete Carroll for going for it before the half.  I WILL blame Darrell Bevell for calling a run play knowing full well we had no time outs.  If you’re going to give Tarvar a run/pass option, make it on a bootleg!  Don’t make him try to decide before the snap!  Make it:  either you run it in yourself, or you throw it to someone who’s open.  And, while I’m at it, WHAT are we doing throwing fade routes at the goalline to Ben Obomanu.  I like Obo as much as the next guy, but isn’t that why we brought Rice in here?  To be fucking tall and to catch fucking balls?  I’m not a highly paid offensive coordinator or anything, but even I know when to throw a jump ball to the tall guy!

It’s too bad, because this defense is really a joy to behold.  Yeah, they gave up 17 points in the first half, but that second touchdown was placed about as perfectly as it possibly could be, just over the outstretched arms of Earl Thomas.  After that, 3 points.  And, don’t look now, but the Seahawks have the best run defense in the NFL.  Don’t look at the total yards given up per game (which has us 11th in the NFL); look at the yards per carry by the opposing teams!  Yeah, that’s us, 3.2 yards per carry, best in football.  It’s not our defense’s fault that teams are attempting the 3rd most rushes in the league, thereby inflating their overall yardage totals while still only getting 3.2 yards per carry!  If we weren’t losing all the time, maybe we’d get a little more recognition.

Anyway, the Seahawks are back in my no-confidence zone.  Tarvar did all he could, and we still got routed by a team that most likely won’t make the playoffs this year.  Is there anything more pointless than a team that’s going nowhere, but also is not bad enough to get a top 2 pick?

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